Advice Please - Epcot RD + Akurshus

Hello! My extended family is getting close to our 180 mark. We all agree that we’d like to try for Breakfast at Akurshus due to having 5 young children along with us, all of whom are interested to some extent in Princesses. This is going to be the only character meal we do during our trip, and we are only interested in breakfast due to the lunch & dinner menus being less likely to appeal to everyone.

My question - I’m uncertain what time I should aim for a reservation. Epcot is likely to open at 9am on Fri 12/5, so am I better off trying to RD Soarin’ & Test Track (adults would probably take turns in single rider line, if possible), and THEN walk to breakfast? If this is the better plan, then perhaps breakfast reservation at 1030am would work? Or should I try for later if that’s not enough time to walk there?

Or, should we RD and try to make our way to Norway for FEA and Anna & Elsa M&G first, then Akurshus at about 1030am? But if World Showcase doesn’t open til later, does that affect things?

OR - should we aim for Akurshus as early as possible & hope to hop in line for FEA and Anna & Elsa afterwards?

This will be the only vacation day where we are planning to spend all day in Epcot. We may come back via Park Hoppers but are unlikely to do another full day. I’ve been reading a lot & have started to tweak a TP for Epcot but haven’t been able to find as much information about how to work in Akurshus.

Thanks - in advance - for any help & feedback!

If you’re ok with being up really early, do an 8am breakfast, then head to either FEA or Soarin’ and fastpass the other for later in the day. This will keep breakfast from messing with your touring plans and you can use that time to hit attractions instead of eating. You can always then break for lunch at a normal lunch time.

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I have read that even with an 8am ADR for Akurshus, the Princesses don’t come out until around 830am, so if that is the case, I’m thinking that arriving at 8am for breakfast could mean that we aren’t done eating/meeting all Princesses until 930am or after. Will that timing take away the benefit of an early breakfast?

Well, if you don’t get out until after 9 you’ll lose the benefit of getting to rides before they open, but you’ll still have breakfast out of the way and still be near the action before most people are even at the gate for the day. Just depends on your personal priorities. I think for me, if this character breakfast is important, I’d get it done first thing. Putting this and everything else in a TP will help you greatly maximize what happens after breakfast is done. Plus, once you are actually done, you can reoptimize it in the app and you’ll be golden!

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Thanks for the feedback! Since I am new to this, I keep forgetting that you can optimize the TP while in the park rather than keeping it 100% as created. This is our first day at Disney, so I think getting up early will be fine - everyone will be so excited!

My general thought. And my wife always brings this up when we are planning things “lets enjoy - I don’t want to be up at the butt crack of dawn (actual words)” so as you have 5 wee ones. I would concur that the earlier the not so better perhaps.

Personally I would probably have a LATE breakfast. I would take advantage of the relative emptiness of Future World and then pop over for a late breakfast.

1 - You can get up perhaps a bit more leisurely instead of “WAKE UP WE ARE LATE FOR FUN!!!”
2 - You can take advantage of the empty park if you get there early
3 - You can have a lighter breakfast at your convenience (in room or whatever) but you can make LATE Breakfast the main meal and possibly save a bit of time (you may have LATE BREAKFAST and DINNER as compared to BIG Breakfasts, Lunch and Dinner). Just a thought

So I would do a later Breakfast.