Advice on where to stay

Hello, Thank you for everyone on this board, you have all helped me so much in planning this trip. We are set to leave in 2 weeks! I have been checking often the room availability and have learned how often it changes. When I first booked our trip, I was late to the game and had very limited availability. Lots has popped up since then but none that were for our whole stay and the others in my group are not wanting a split stay (although I think it would be fun!) A new availability that would accommodate our group just became available for our whole stay. A 2 bedroom preferred villa at Saratoga Springs. We are currently booked at CBR in 2 standard rooms. I have been worried a bit about the grandmas at CBR with the construction and also my husband (an introvert) not having space at the end of the day after being in the parks. The SS resort would allow us to have our own room. It will be a fair amount more money but maybe worth it for us? Just wondering if anyone has advice on this one? Thanks as always!

I recently stayed at SSR. It is the largest resort I have ever stayed in. We had a one bedroom and loved it. Will you have a car? We never took the bus. We had Uber pick us up/drop us off at our building and it worked great.

We were planning to use the busses and uber only if needed (with 7 of us, we would have to get 2 uber cars) and not get a rental car. That was my biggest worry about SSR, but maybe with preferred room may not be as big of a problem? Can we get the Minnie van from SSR?
Although it is our first time, we tend to shy away from the overly themed resorts like AoA which friends have recommended to us, so the lack of themeing which I have read as another knock on SSR won’t be a problem with us. I don’t have in our plans for us to spend time at Disney Springs, unless the grandmas would like to hang back and take the boat over while the rest of us have an early start park day. So Disney Springs isn’t a big draw for us. Although, I did wonder if DH and I may go over later one night after the others had settled in for the night.

There are always pros and cons. Not knowing the specifics of the layout. I would probably opt for the 2 bedroom as it is larger than 2 single rooms. Additionally as there is a kitchen etc there is just some flexibility. We don’t usually cook when on vacation - it is nice to have the facilities to throw in a pizza, keep things really cold as compared to what happens in room refrigerators.

If your group likes to spread out - I would do the 2 bedroom. I wouldn’t worry about the construction. It isn’t like they have you walking among the construction. I haven’t stayed at SS however as a deluxe - you can count on it just being nicer than a deluxe.

If there was availability and I could afford it - I would do Saratoga

Have you considered swan or dolphin?

We just stayed there. Having stayed in beach club and yacht club before.

You get all the disney benefit but they aren’t overly themed. But they are a great location for walking or getting the boat right outside to epcot and HS or boardwalk

No idea how the prices compare to what you have

But if they are close I think it’s a great location to be based

Evenings in epcot or the boardwalk are great - the dining options so varied

We stayed at SWAN - of the two I would probably suggest the SWAN as they have QUEEN beds. However - I didn’t care for Swan at all. Yes the location was great and the room was adequate. However the housekeeping was awful. We keep a very tidy room - however we came back twice (left at 8am back at 4pm) and the room wasn’t touched. We also had to call down for towels as they removed the old towels but didn’t leave any new ones. The pool is just SAD and the general level of service was crappy.

The only thing that make it “worth it” was the fact that it had a nice location and I paid with points. If I had shelled out $200+ a night I would have been irate.

We had a day our room wasn’t done but they soon sorted for us. But I know what you mean there.

I also paid with avios airmile points hence not knowing the real cost!

But the location really is ideal. Pool was decent IMO as well.

And the rooms are adequate and we weren’t in them much

And I assume they are cheaper than beach or yacht club?

Basically location is my reason for choosing here

It’s only location I would stay in disney as we love epcot so much in the evenings. And boardwalk is good as well

We rarely if ever eat in the Hotel’s only in the parks or boardwalk or city walk etc

Hotels are just locations to sleep in for us or give us fastpasses if universal!

Plus we don’t keep a tidy room!

So we need the housekeeping a lot!

HA. Well my wife is a closet designer (she isn’t ashamed she is a designer - she literally designs closets) and I am a Project Manager - so between the two of us - you can pretty much assume we are uptight about keeping things orderly.

Yes the location is spectacular and I have to say I loved our view from the balcony (a nice plus) onto the Dolphin. I loved seeing the boats come in and out. As a kid I always wanted to stay there.

YES they are significantly less expensive than the WDW Deluxe hotels in the area.

I was interested when I read your response. We hadn’t considered the Dolphin or Swan, being our first time I was thinking Disney all the way. Since one concern is the space factor, I think I would go for the villa at SSR. Just wondering if in general people have noticed big differences in experience between the moderates and deluxes. Hoping with the bigger price tag that there would be. Also wondering if since SSR is considered more of a DVC resort than deluxe if the better experience is still there?

YES - there is a significant difference in Moderates to Deluxe.

I have not been to SS so the following MAY not be true - but in gneral

1 - Deluxe have internal hallways
2 - Deluxe have MORE SPACE - you can check out the room size on TP and see
3 - More / better general amenities
4 - Higher quality of room accommodation - queen bed, better sheets, nicer towels, better service
5 - I I personally find the Deluxe have an aire of relaxation - things aren’t as crowded, service is better, they are more refined, IMHO it is just more enjoyable. YES some will argue that it is just a place to rest your head - but I find the resort itself to be a significant part of the vacation.
6 - Pools are usually nicer

Some may also argue that SS is “too far” from things. I personally like that it is away from the hustle and bustle and there is time to relax. I stayed there back when it was the DISNEY INSTITUTE and loved it. You can easily get to Disney Springs - but other than that - there is just a better level of “ahhhhhh”

My favorite hotel lobby and experience is Wilderness Lodge. It truly evokes the national parks out west. The rooms themselves are fine - nothing spectacular - but the whole experience is wonderful. WDW resorts are VERY expensive. I find the Value resorts to be subpar and the moderates to be marginally better. When we travel I am fine with a Hampton Inn along the way - however once I am “staying” someplace - I prefer a premium property.

Yes, if we go again then I would get on the ball much earlier and go for Wilderness lodge or AKL. If either were available now for our group I would definitely go for it! (except for the cabins at copper creek- they were available but a tad out of our budget at over $2000/night)

That is outrageous. WDW has become the equivalent of a sandwich shop at the airport? PB and J sandwich and water - that will be $15. I fully get and understand that it is supply and demand and they are charging those prices because they can get those prices.

When you put it into perspective $2,000 a nigh VS
2 Bedroom Flat in Kensington in LONDON - $260 / night
3 Bedroom Villa with pool in TUSCANY - $500 / night
2 Bedroom OVER WATER BUNGALOW - BALI - $800 / night

Puts it in perspective

Another perspective: a 5 night stay there would cost me more than 6 months of mortgage payments…

The fact that they’re the newest rooms in WDW and they aren’t full yet says something. If they can’t fill them, I bet the prices adjust down a bit.

I couldn’t believe it when they filled up! Maybe DVC members get a much better price?

Maybe they are filled with DIS Bloggers reviewing the new places now? That demand should dry up soon… :slight_smile:

Are the Poly bungalows still not selling out? Did they ever drop the price?

To answer the original question, I would definitely go with a 2BR at SSR. You’d have two separate bedrooms (each with its own bathroom) which gives people privacy. You’d also have the kitchen and lounge space to relax together in the evenings, and of course the full kitchen plus washer & dryer which is an added convenience even if you prefer not to cook or do laundry on vacation.

I know you said Disney Springs isn’t a big draw for you, but it may still be nice to have so many restaurants etc within easy walking distance. If you were in a Preferred area you would be guaranteed to be close to this, as well as being near the main area with the food court, main pool (there is a separate, quiet pool overlooking Disney Springs), Turf Club restaurant and the spa which is excellent - perhaps something the grandmas would be interested in?

For me it would be an easy choice - definitely SSR.

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Thanks for the input! I think I will make the switch to SSR. It will be more money but for our parties needs, I think it will make for a more relaxing vacation.