Advice on TP for CL3 morning

Would love thoughts on this TP for CL 3 day, 9 am opening, no EMH:

TP says I can accomplish the following before a 10:50 am Pirates League Appointment:

Space Mountain (RD, so I inserted a 15 minute break at 9 am)
Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor
Under the Sea
Splash Mountain (using FPP)
-get to Pirates League at 10:50

TP says I will be done with these four attractions exactly in time for our appt, with not one minute to spare. I’ve been to MK twice in the past few years, and just “feel” like that is conservative and I should be able to do more than this in almost 2 hours….thoughts? We are usually moving pretty quickly with the double stroller, so that has helped. Maybe it’s because Monsters and Splash are both 15-minute attractions….?

I don’t doubt that you can get these things done but you are changing lands for every ride. I would do things all in one land if possible.


Thanks. Good advice; I will swap out Under the Sea for another time and do BTMM instead.

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