Advice on parking for a non-parks Skyliner hop?

Hello. I want to take my senior citizen parents on the Skyliner for a counter service cafe (like Piatto or Spyglass) and to explore the resorts a bit. No theme park visit and it will be a crowded holiday weekend. Is it possible park directly at one of the Skyliner resorts with no ADR?

Sure! Head to the Riviera Resort and tell them you’re getting a Montecristo sandwich from Bar Riva. Better yet, grab that sandwich and ride the Skyliner to your heart’s content!!


Would they allow me to park for free?

Yes, they should if it’s only for an hour and you have a valid reason to be there. Of course, some security folks are a bit more rabid than others and won’t allow it but if you’re eating there, they will rarely say no.

Another option would be to take a bus from Disney Springs to one of the Skyliner resorts. I stumbled into that a few weeks back when a cast member saw me staring at the DS bus board trying to figure out how to get to Epcot. He suggested I take the bus to Caribbean Beach, get off at Jamaica, then take Skyliner to Epcot.