Advice on Navigating Star Wars Opening Week


Given the scenarios, I would take 5 even without the hopper. It is doable to stick to just one park per day and with a good plan you may not even feel that your trip lacked anything. I know that our last day it’s always nice to have the hoppers to sweep up all the favorites/things we missed in our plan, but I would make sure you have at least the last half day in each park relatively free to pick-up those things.


Thank you so much. I broke down and booked one night at a Disney hotel, just to be sure we got into Galaxy’s edge.


My granddaughter earned a trip to Disneyland with Girl Scouts by selling 800 boxes of cookies. 4 other girls in our troop did, too. So the other leader and myself decided to book Paradise Pier for the two nights around June 1, which is the day the Girl Scouts picked for their day. Most girls and chaperones will come by overnight bus for the day and then return at night. I have a very good friend who works the reservations desk at Paradise Pier and she got us a Friends and Family rate (1/2 price) on 2 rooms for May 31 and June 1. We booked about 10 days before the announcement. My friend’s name is on the reservation per Disney’s rule of getting F&F rate. She has also not been told how they are going to work this. She heard nothing about advance emails as yet, or if we find out on check in. Since the Girl Scout tickets are good only on June 1, we are concerned about getting May 31 instead, which we do not want. So she is keeping an eye and ear out and has seen nor heard anything!


How do you logistically do that ? Are you switching hotels one day?


We are staying at Paradise Pier the first night and then switching hotels. We will be able to leave our luggage with the concierge during the day. I will probably take a lyft during an extended lunch period to move our luggage. We figured if we didn’t get the Max-Pass and with the refunding of one night of the other hotel it’s nearly the same cost.


Anyone with a reservation to SWGE have a game plan for your 4 hours yet? We have a reservation for June 1, 8 a.m.-noon and I’m trying to decide what we will have time to do and how to prioritize everything!


I will be there the same time as you. We actually have 2 reservations and will have gone in the afternoon of May 31st as well. Our plan is to head to the ride first. That’s as far as we have planned. The CMs on the SW GE phone line told me there are 2000 slots per 4 hour period. The morning should be the best, due to no overlap with another group until 11am. Early entry is at 7, so plan to be in line before then.


Do you think this 2000 slots will include both hotel guests and non-hotel guests? Star Tours has something like a 1000 rider per hour capacity (if I’m doing the math right on 100 riders per 6 minutes), so if MF is similar, they should be able to accommodate 4000 riders in a four-hour block assuming no overlap (sounds like there will be overlap).

The reason I ask is because I’d hate to get in line first thing and then not be able to experience the rest of the land. On the other hand, if you get in line for MF at the end of the 4 hours after experiencing everything else, they wouldn’t kick you out, right?


The CM said 2000 is the cap, so no spots will be available to non resort guests if the slot is full from onsite guests. I guess we will know for sure tomorrow when the reservations get released to the public. I am not sure how they will enforce the leaving at the end of the window, everyone will have wristbands with different colors to identify their time, but will they make people leave? I don’t know, but the ride is the most important to us, so we are going there first. We will probably be at the gates by 6.


It will be terrific if it’s limited to 2000 people for four hours! I’ve heard that Smuggler’s Run has a capacity of 1800 an hour so everyone would be able to ride that at least once and do a few other things as well.

How did you score two reservations? I thought they were limiting it to one per three week period per person.


You get one for each stay you book. Originally we booked Friday night and were hoping to get an opening day reservation. We got June 1st though, so I called to change it as soon as those times were released (1.5 hours on hold…so painful), but they could not move us to Friday. There were still rooms available for Thursday night, so I went ahead and booked that last week (so spit stay, different room types though both at DLH). They sent me another email with a Friday time 2-6pm for that stay.
The rumor was you can only have one, but that has never been confirmed or discussed by Disney in any way. Several people on Disboards have multiple stays and multiple GE slots as well. I think the limit may be on the general public during the 3 weeks, only 1 time in your Disneyland account. But that wouldn’t stop you if you have multiple accounts I guess. Also, the resort reservations are not linked to my DL account, so I think could probably get another time tomorrow as well. I’m not going to do that though, leaving the free ones alone as I already have plenty of time to see it. I don’t even like Star Wars much, but suffer from FOMO and wanted to be apart of it with my friends.


That makes sense - I can only spring for one night in a Disney hotel so I have to be happy with my one guaranteed entrance, though I might try to get one tomorrow. I imagine that will be next to impossible, though, so I might not bother. I guess it depends on how busy I am at work at noon PST!


Both nights we have 5 people in the room, so it worked out to be very inexpensive as I only have to pay for me (going with friends, leaving my family at home). The 2 nights together were significantly less than what we thought we might have to pay for a preview party if they had one (considering the Pixar Pier party was almost $300 per person).
If you are trying to get a time tomorrow, don’t wait until noon PST, it goes live at 10am! I imagine by noon all the spots will be gone, and the internet will be broken! :laughing:


Oops - meant noon CST since I’m in that time zone! It’s going to be crazy!