Advice on MK without SDMT fastpasses and park days

We decided to plan a last minute 5 day trip Oct 16-20 last week so of course there aren’t any SDMT fastpasses available for all four of us. Based on our Disney planner, our days look like this
Fri Oct 16 - MK until mid afternoon and then Epcot (MK level 5)
Sat Oct 17 - AK and then MK for evening and fireworks (AK level 6)
Sun Oct 18 - Universal
Mon Oct 19 - Studios (level 6)
Tues Oct 20 - Epcot until 1:00 and then to airport (level 6)

I have a single FP for SDMT on Fri afternoon but its not available to copy to everyone right now. Two questions…

  1. what is the best strategy to get a SDMT fastpass? do any become available last minute?
  2. if we can’t get one, what is the best possible scenario to ride standby - first thing Fri morning at rope drop or would it be possible to catch it near closing on Saturday when we will be there for the fireworks?

If rope drop is our best option, would it be better to go on a low crowd day? MK is a 2 on the Tuesday we are leaving but our planner has been consistent in her suggestion to do Epcot on our last day since it is close to our resort (CBR) to get back to for our flight and she wants us there one morning so we can rope drop TT and then FP Soarin but my only concern is that Epcot is a 6 that day and MK is only a 2 - wouldn’t we be able to get so much more done at MK than at Epcot.

thanks for the help - we haven’t been in 8 years so the new fastpass system is all new to me…

I haven’t tried to get in demand FP late in the process. Many have, with much luck. You can try to get different (but overlapping times).
In my experience, I like to do RD. you get there early and you get on with minimal wait. That said, the late hours are also good (EMH are even better).
I say go for RD and right before park closing. Good luck!

Keep checking for FPP! I just managed to snag 2 together last week for our trip next week. I’ve also read (not experienced - haven’t been recently enough to see the ride) that late afternoon/evening sometimes has shorter lines that at RD, and it’s more fun to ride at night. But I would try at RD just in case you manage to get there with minimal wait.

Keep checking multiple times a day. Especially closer to your trip. People will change or cancel plans and you may be able to snag them. If not the lines at the end of the night are workable so you shouldn’t have a problem riding it.