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I am 30 days out tonight, so will try to get some FPs tonight. After looking last few days what was available for 30 days out, I am not confident in getting the top choices here. Specifically, there were ZERO FP available for FoF parade, 7DMT and very limited for PPF. I have 7 yr old son, 11 yr old girls. Trying to do a mix of the two. However, could probably get away with not doing Dumbo or Orbiter if i had to. Also, would prefer to double up on the Space, Splash, Barnstormer and Thunder rides if i could. For now, I just have them in here once. No pricness stuff necessary and just meeting Mickey for now.

Captain Jacks show worth it?

Any thoughts or advice to the plan attached? We will see Wishes from our hotel and or Cali Grill one night so not all that concerned about staying for that show.

Wishes closer up in the park, with the fireworks going off from in front and around you is worth considering.
Have you used fast passes?

Fast passes getting tonight…but per my message, doesnt look like i will get great spots being 30 days out…

IDK about Wishes…I mean, we went few years ago for the Halloween fireworks and they were great but we also saw them from Poly a few nights and was still very nice. If we are up for it, we will do it but I dont really want to plan around them.

Where are you staying that you can see Wishes from the resort but cannot make FPs until 30 days (just curious?) can I ask where you are planning on watching FoF parade? Enchanted Tales seems a little close but if you are watching by Country Bears or LTT it may work.

Edited after looking again: Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom I believe would also be spread out throughout your day, or take more time?

Four Seasons has place on rooftop where you can see all Park Shows…supposedly. Plus, Cali Grill one night.

I didnt know had to plan on where to watch parade…pretty ignorant with these plans. So how does that work? It has me coming from Captain Jacks right before parade and says 6 minute walk. So where does that put me? I assumed the TP would just kind of tell me where to go to after Captain Jacks.

What do you mean about Sorcerers? Spread out? I see…just read about it. I thought it was just a one time game thing. We probably will skip this.

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I have never played Sorcerers but I have watched others. You have to pick up packs of cards and then you go around and “play” the game in different locations (I believe they are all windows locations) . I was watching someone playing next to the Cinderella fountain last week.

If you are at pirates before the parade J would walk as if you are going towards Big Thunder and look for a place in the shade somewhere on the Country Bears side of the street. I watched from the other side last week but it was full sun. I did have a great spot- no one in front of me and many of the dancers gave me high fives as they went by! The parade is about 15 minutes or so? You will want to walk behind it as it ends, all the way up towards Haunted Mansion, and then turn right towards Peter Pan/ Small World to get to Enchanted Tales.

thank you for the details and detailed “walking” directions…i never would have even thought of it…

I removed Sourcers…and now it has me at PPF before the parade…any advice please on where to go from PPF to catch FoF?

You have quite a bit of zig zagging, the morning looks good but you might want to re order your afternoon. You might find that your FP’s dictate which area of the park you will be in, and you can work from there, or if you can’t get your first choices you’ll have more scope on timing.

Oh! I like that change! My guess is that Peter Pan wait may be much longer than that but you should be great getting a lot done in that area from 1:00-3:00. From Haunted Mansion the parade may get around that area sometime around 3:10 or so. You will be fine walking straight as if you were walking towards Big Thunder- but the other side of the street if you can (shade)

Ok, well that didnt really go as planned…

I got Splash mountain for around the time my TP had in it
I got Big Thunder for around the time my TP had on it
As I thought, there were no 7D left throughout whole day. Is my TP time for that ride really accurate? Says 27 mins but seems awfully short. Should I move that to front of plan and see what happens?
PPF I could only get for like 530pm…not anywhere lose to the 1pm in my TP.

Overall, the FPs didnt really get me through the day quicker. It kept my overall total time at 771. All it did was reduce my inline time from 336 to 263, Busy stayed same, increased free time from 2 to 79 and reduced walking about 4 minutes.

Any new thoughts to this plan? Not sure im willing to wait 28 mins for Winnie Pooh. Still okay? Changes you see?
Thanks, as always.

Ouch! I am sorry but no way do I trust that 7DMT plan! I would expect the wait to be at least double that. Two weeks ago I believe the posted time was over 70 minutes by that time! PP is a weird one. I did not originally get a FP for it my last trip. In the past I could always change it the morning of. This trip the only FPs available were late. It seems this is becoming an issue! I have always been able to find Pooh at a posted 20 minutes at some point.

Thank you…thats what I figured about 7D. Given all the FP are gone, guessing the wait times will be high whenever you try to go.

I kind of like this plan from an attraction/time of day thing. The stuff at the end of the day when everyone is tired seems low key…id prefer the major attractions earlier in the day so we can enjoy while not exhausted. I also like the fact that there is some free time before noon given that 7D will probably be longer and it gives us some cushion. It also gives one water attraction before noon and mid afternoon to cool off. The one thing i dont really like is that I feel like its a waste of a FP given the wait between #15-#16. Whats the point of a FP if Im waiting 30 mins anyway?

I took out the Pooh on this one. Added in the Casey Jr. Splash. Is there enough in here for 11/12 year olds? Thinking maybe they would want to just keep riding the Space/Splash/Thunder rides.

Also, thoughts on where to see the parade after Tiki attraction? Where to walk to?

Thank you.

Oh! That looks good! I think I would check my time and may flip steps 7 and 8. You will be walking past HM and it may just be easier to do it before you head to FPs. You most likely will lose time at 7DMT, but hopefully you’ll gain it back. After the FoF parade I would walk towards splash and take the train over to Fantasyland to the Casey area! I would keep an eye on your Pirates/ Tiki/Jungle Cruise times around the parade. The parade goes in the opposite direction at night. I think you would want to be coming off Jungle Cruise and then walk towards Country Bears around the time it has you getting onto Jungle Cruise!