Advice on MK touring plan

Anyone want to help critique our 2 separate days at MK?

The first plan, we will be staying for MVMCP, which starts at 7:00pm. We have no real plan during that time other than to enjoy the parades and the dance party in Tomorrowland. I’m aiming to get FP+ for Cinderella/Rapunzel, SDMT, and Enchanted Tales on that day.

The second day at MK, my goal is to get FP+ for Anna & Elsa, Peter Pan, and Big Thunder Mountain.

Any advice on how to score all those FP+? Also, I can get 3 per day in advance, correct?

Yes, you can get 3 FPP per day in advance, and once you use all 3, you can add additional ones (if available) at a kiosk in the park.

You’ll have to “publish” the plans for others to be able to see them and comment.

Based on your FPP choices, I’m guessing that you have a young DD… Except for BTMRR and 7DMT, I have never personally tried for any of these FPPs. Also, I don’t know how crowded your days will be. The only 2 that will be “challenging” are A&E, and to a slight lesser extent, 7DMT. For those, you need to be on-line RIGHT AT midnight on you 60 day mark. The further into your trip, the better the chances of getting “difficult” FPPs. If you don’t get them at 60 days, keep trying - right up until the day before; Disney holds some back and gradually releases them as the dates get closer.

Don’t know if you are planning on Splash or SM, but even on low crowd days, those lines can get pretty long; you may want to consider them for FPPs. The one time I did Belle, it was during EMH and it was a walk-on (in fact I had to wait for enough people to show up for them to do it); not sure what lines are like at other times of the day, but this might not be the best use of an FPP (if you want to do Splash or SM). Also not sure how “needed” FPPs are for Cin/Rap M&G; the times I’ve walked past I’ve typically seen 20-30 minute posted waits. Maybe others can comment on these.

Sorry! Obviously, I’m still figuring out how to do everything on here.

Day 1:

Day 2:

Yes, I have 2 DDs. Oldest is 6 and youngest is 4.

My only suggestion would be to schedule more down time. On your day 1, you have a nice long break on Tom Sawyer island. Day 2, however, seems like a grind with children of the ages you mentioned. The only breaks you have for that second day are when you go on the riverboat, and lunch won’t take 90 minutes so that qualifies as a break.

To accomplish this, and this is just personal preference, I’d cut Tomorrowland Speedway, Country Bear, Swiss Treehouse, Stich and the Shooting Arcade, and replace them with nothing… though I’d probably try to get the Tiki Room in there somewhere, I don’t see it listed.

True. I didn’t really figure in breaks. I’m not hell bent on sticking to our touring plan, so I’m thinking if we need a break, no biggie. I can definitely see me & DD2 skipping Tomorrowland Speedway and relaxing, but I foresee my DH wanting to do that one.