Advice on MK day - BOG PPO or lunch?

My FP day is tomorrow and I’m still so torn on what to do for our first MK day (Monday, May 8th, CL 5 as of now). Right now I have two reservations for BOG - a PPO 8:20am reservation and an 11:20am lunch reservation. I can’t decide if we should try the PPO breakfast strategy to try and knock out 7DMT and PP without a FP or scrap that and keep our 11:20 lunch reservation. We’re traveling with our two kids - 3 and 6 - so I don’t know if trying to get to BOG for 8:00 and then semi rushing through breakfast would be too stressful for everyone? If I kept the 11:20 reservation, we’d rope drop Winnie the Pooh and FP PP that morning and then 7DMT after lunch. Also, I’m thinking it might be nice to get out of the heat and craziness for a bit?

Ahhh! I seriously don’t know what to do here. What would you do? I’m attaching my two touring plans for reference. I’ve added extra fastpasses for 7DMT and PP to the PPO plan as it wouldn’t recognize the fact that we’d ride those prior to rope drop. Also, our BOG lunch plan runs a bit late into lunch so we’d adjust that if we were running behind. We’d probably wait and do Dumbo after lunch. Thanks so much for your thoughts!

PPO Plan

BOG Lunch Plan

Is that your only day at MK? If so,liners say its good to do the pre-RD breakfast. We usually eat in room/on way to bus and make RD at each park 1x per trip. We usually do at least 2 days at every park except HS. I don’t like to stress about pre-RD breakfast as with 4 kids we are always rushing in am. We have multiple days at MK so thats at least 6 headliner FPP for us and good touring for at least 1 RD day. We can hit everything we want without rushing thru breakfast and eating heavy food first thing am. I prefer a mid-day sit-down meal. Just some ideas to consider as you know your family’s preferences.

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Are you staying onsite? Can you make it to MK a little after 7:30? I did a pre rope drop BOG on a CL 7 day. I completed 7DMT and PP by about 9:10?

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I think either is a decent plan. I did BOG pre rope drop in January, and it was awesome. We had pre ordered, food came quickly and was actually quite good. We had plenty of time to eat, hit the restroom, and line up for 7DMT. We rode it and then Peter Pan all before 9am. I liked it so much we are planning to do it again in April. But…if you think this is stressful for your family, stick with the other plan. Or eat both meals there. :wink:

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Thanks for your thoughts all! I went ahead booked PP and 7DMT fastpasses this morning because I just couldn’t decide what to do and I didn’t want to get want to get caught without them. I can always change the fastpasses to something else if need be.

We did BOG breakfast because DH liked the sound of that menu better than the lunch one. We had plenty of time to eat. In fact, we wanted to go to meet Ariel and had to wait before the cast member could let us into that part of the park as it was before rope drop.

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You know, it may be crazy but I’m actually considering this - eating both meals at BOG I mean. My kids aren’t big eaters so we could easily share meals to keep the cost down. And we’re planning to eat lunch somewhere in Fantasyland anyways. I actually plugged this into my TP, along with our confirmed FPs, and I sort of like it! We could ride 7DMT before rope drop and then again after lunch!


The castle is beautiful!

If your kids are early risers, I’d do the BOG ppo for sure. Split a few meals between you to keep costs down, and have a normal lunch - it might work to your advantage to avoid prime lunch crowds as well.

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I like it! Just pick a different room to eat in the second meal, it will be like being somewhere else. It’s hot in May, that midday a/c break in the castle will be perfect.

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