Advice on finding best priced flights from Great Britain to Orlando

Hi all … any Brits on here have any advice on getting best priced direct flights from Manchester GB to Orlando. We fly out Saturday 27th October and return Sunday 11th November there’s 2 adults plus my daughter 14 and son 5. Hope someone can help … thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Sky scanner is a pretty good website where you can set up price alerts. It tells you when prices are going to drop/rise as well as letting you know the best times/days to book

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I fly Virgin from Manchester. They do a kind of grid thing on their website with lots of date combinations and then I pick the cheapest one. But that requires some flexibility in your dates.

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I’ll take a look thanks … sadly no flexibility with dates as we booked our accommodation last June

I’ve got this but not set any alerts … will give that a go … thanks :+1:t2:

I don’t know about pricing but we flew British Airways from London-Miami two years ago. Our flight was delayed and we missed our connection…BA was amazing. Hotel vouchers, food vouchers, transport to the hotel, took our bags for us overnight so we didn’t have to lug them to the hotel, etc. Best customer service ever. So I’d at least check them out, if they do direct flights. =)

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Was looking at BA as they do a 10% Discount for veterans… but even with that they are very expensive compared with everyone else … just gonna have to bite the bullet I guess … looking like £3K for direct economy for all four of us … crazy as that’s half the price of the holiday

Had a quick look at Virgin. Cheapest is £2,457 but outbound journey is via Boston.

That’s too bad. When we flew it was because it was actually the cheapest option…:joy:

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Cheers Matt … I’m going to try a private travel agents that a friend used who recons she got cheaper flights than online and an upgrade too … I’m struggling to believe her but it’s worth a go … if not will probably fly Thomas Cook direct good flights and arrival and departure times at just under £3K

I just checked on…found this. Not sure of the exchange rate but I think $2600 is less than 3000 pounds…also not sure if this is direct.

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Oh. Oops. Not direct. 2 hour layover in Philadelphia and only an hour in Chicago on the way back…

But there are quite a few flights with 2 hour layovers in Philadelphia both ways for only $650 each. Unless it has to be direct this could be a good option…

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Thank you for looking … I thought it was tough enough planning which park on which day but flights are a nightmare

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We’ll be driving, haha. Finding a good deal on a flight to the States is pain. You can set alerts on as well.

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Thanks :+1:t2:

Well it’s done and we’ve gone for premium economy direct flight out arriving 4.40pm then cattle class for our return … frighteningly expensive but what the hell we may never go again so will be nice to live the high life for once … thanks for all your advice … as always :+1:t2:

Yeah, that’s what I said last year when I booked my Premium Economy flights. I’m going again in three months time.

It’s addictive. Be warned!

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Yep same here, went premium economy because why not, never going to do this again. Now we’re going to Cali in September and planning on heading back to WDW for my 30th in 2020. Having to go economy for the cali trip though, price was just too much


You only live once … right

Who needs a retirement fund! :joy:

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