Advice on crowd level 8 HS plan

I have 19 days until I make my FPP selections. I’ve been reading, and tweaking, and reading and optimizing and tweaking and evaluating, etc. But suddenly I’m concerned with a predicted crowd level of 8, I may not be looking at the best choices for FPP. It shows Fantasmic as a FPP because I have the dinner pkg. Suggestions welcome. Just me and DD15 but we are both Stars Wars nerds!

Sorry, wrong link but if anyone has comments about that one , I’d love to read them, too. Here’s the HS plan

DHS is pretty straightforward; FPP’s practically make themselves. Tower, Star Tours, and Toy. Rope drop Rockin and the rest is a breeze. Have fun!

RD is huge, even on a CL 8 day. We went at Christmas, and HS was still pretty light first thing. Be sure you’re there before the park opens, and you’ll get a lot done.

This link (MK) didn’t have times on it. I know it’s not the one you’re asking about, but I looked anyway.

It has you doing the Philharmagic first, then the 7DMT. But your plan has you arriving at 4pm and you have a FP for 7DMT is at 3:30. You won’t get the Philharmagic done before the Mine Train FP expires if you are arriving at 4pm.

Thank you for checking. I figured it was a happy accident I put that one up by mistake. We have party tickets that day and hoping they let us in a little earlier than 4 but I don’t know. How long do you think Philharmagic would take?

Mickey’s Philharmagic takes 12 minutes, but if you arrive just after one show starts, you will have to wait another 12 minutes before you can get into the seating area for 24 minutes total (at least).

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Thank you! I will tweak again!

I’d go right over to the 7DMT first thing, as your FP is from 3:30 to 4:30. If you arrive at 4pm, that gives you time to leisurely walk through Main St. and get over there. There’s no much time to squeeze something else in. But if you get it done right away, you’ll have time before your next FP to do something else, including the Philharmagic.

My main worry is your Star Tours time.You have an hour for lunch and then 7 minutes contingency before your fastpass expires for ST. I know I’d be stressing about that. The time of your ADR is not necessarily when you’ll be seated. If you were 15 mins later then you’d have to rush.

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Never thought about that. This is exactly the type of advice I need!

You’re welcome! As a new liner, I’m still trying to get to grips with TPs and hope to get advice from others too. Happy to help where I can.

Another thing I notice is - how much are you wanting to wander and “soak up the magic”? For me that’s quite important so I put breaks in my plans for things like “walk round echo lake”, “amble up Sunset boulevard” etc. Shopping, ice cream! That way you have time for those activities w/o worrying about “the plan”.

Things like that are a matter of preference. Especially if you’re wanting to do as much as possible.

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