Advice on annual pass - Disney Platinum Pass

My family is interested in purchasing annual passes - specifically the Disney Platinum Pass (we have no need for the platinum plus pass with water parks, etc.). Essentially we would be buying 2 adult passes and have one child who will not be 3 until June 1 of 2019. Our plan would be to have two trips to Walt Disney World before she turns 3 - one this fall and one next spring. On each trip we would spend six or seven days at Disney. We stay on Disney property, eat most (but not all) meals in the parks and make a small number or purchases in Disney shops.

Can anyone provide advice on whether there are enough “perks” to make a annual pass worth it or should we stick to our previous experience of just purchasing a vacation package for each trip? Thoughts?

I got a Platinum Pass this year for the first time. Even with the other discounts I’m eligible for (Military rates and the like), the PP made sense for me. Remember that Memory Maker (all your photopass picture downloads!) is included with the PP - that’s currently a $169 value. Given that regular tickets expire, 2x 4-day base tickets (1 per park) come out to $760 per person for 2 visits, 1 park per day. The PP is currently $849.

$760x2 + $169 = $1689 (tickets plus memory maker)
$849x2 = $1698 (2 annual passes).

While these numbers are before taxes, I bet you can find another $10 in discounts somewhere during your visits - whether TS dining, park hopping, or merchandise discount, not to mention the probability of AP discounts on your rooms.

That’s based on 4 park days per trip. At 6-7 park days per trip its a no-brainer - the ticket cost goes up; the PP cost does not.

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oh, and buying memory maker as an add-on to regular tickets is only good for a 30 day window; with the Pass it’s good all year. So that really should be $760x2 + $169x2… and you’re already saving $160 if all you’re doing is 4 days and memory maker.

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The two 6-7 day tickets would cost you more than the annual pass so it is a no-brainer. Overall I think the rule of thumb is two trips in < a year, get the annual pass.

For 1 adult a 7 day Park Hopper is $543 when bought thru Disney ($463 for non-hoppers). So you’re looking at around $1K for just tickets for the 2 trips. The Platinum Pass is only $849 so you’re saving $100 already and then you get the Memory Maker photo package for free as well as the discounts etc.

Definitely get the Annual Pass - I’d then look for room only deals through MVT or using the annual pass discount to book a good room rate for the hotel stays…

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