Advice needed: Which would you do MK or Epoct?

I’m looking for some advice on a short trip my family is taking at the beginning of February. We are planning to do two days in the parks. Initially, I was thinking we would do both days at MK, but now I’m wondering if our second day should be at Epoct, we won’t be getting park hoppers.

Our party is going to consist of myself, DW, DS6, DS5, DD3, and 3 Grandparents. This will be the second time at WDW for myself and the kids, the first time we only visited MK and HS. If its relevant, the kids are currently 47in, 44in, and 37.5in tall and will surely grow some in the next 5.5 months.

The second day is February 10. MK is going to be CL6 and Epoct is going to be at CL5. If you were planning this trip which park would you go to and why?

Thanks in advance for the suggestions/advice.

With all the family and the planning that’s involved I would probably vote for both days at Magic Kingdom.

I think the adults would probably enjoy Epcot more, especially if they like to eat and/or partake in a drink. World Showcase is our favorite part of visiting Disney, however, with kids that age the adults will probably get a great deal of enjoyment watching the kids have a blast at Magic Kingdom where there are a lot more rides, character meets, etc…


Agreed. Epcot with our kids (DD11 and DS8) was excruciating except for the actual moments when they were riding the big rides and playing Agent P’s interactive game in the World Showcase (further agree that this allowed the adults to enjoy the WS more authentically!). Since the kids in your party are probably young for both of those things, and since MK has soooo many rides that appeal to kids of all ages, I think 2 days there sounds like heaven! By comparison, we were at MK 9 AM - 11 PM and still had things we didn’t get to, so we happily added another afternoon there.

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I would do one half of MK on the first day (Frontier, Adventure, Liberty, Main street), preferably after a pre-RD breakfast at CP, and the other half (Fantasy, Tomorrow) the next day, preferably after a pre-RD BOG or CRT breakfast :smile:

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With those ages, two days MK. Such a huge park, so much to see/do.
Day 1: Fantasyland and Tomorrowland.
Day 2: Adventureland, Frontierland, and re-runs of all their favourite things in Fantasyland.
See the parade on one of those two days. A full 2 days will give you time for an ADR if you want it, too, without stressing too much about lost park time. It’s nice also to be able to relax and enjoy and feel like you have to do everything in your one day at MK.

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Thanks for all the advice. Sounds like 2 days at MK is the way to go. That was going to be my original plan, but I had become interested in Epoct since I had never been. I guess I’ll just have to convince my wife for another trip sooner than later to hit up Epoct :wink:

I had not thought to split up MK into specific lands for each day. Is that the way most people tackle two days?

I have all the ADRs scheduled. I have an 8:05am BOG for both days. The second day is currently scheduled for EMH, so I will probably drop that reservation when it gets closer. On the first day we will be taking a late afternoon “break” at 'Ohana.

We prefer to tour like this. Focusing on one half of MK is a great way to avoid extensive criss-crossing in that enormous park.

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The upside is less walking. With young kids and depending on the mobility of the grandparents that could be paramount. The downside is it also means you’re only riding your favorites on one day and not experiencing them on both. Personally I’ve never done the half park one day thing, but I can understand the appeal…

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