Advice needed on rescheduling trip

Hello liner friends!

I’m looking for a bit of advice on rescheduling our June trip.

A bit of background: This trip was supposed to be a graduation trip for me (just finished my PharmD - total career change :grin: ), DS17 (just finishing high school) and DDs13 (finishing middle school). So it was a really big trip. We’ve had the trip booked for ages, had to add a day because of flight changes, but was able to do that, and have ADRs, FPs all set. Tickets were bought through Parksavers (on the recommendation of Touring Plans).

Then COVID happened.

We really can’t reschedule for this year, as with kids starting new schools (and college!) and me starting a new job, I just don’t see how it will work. So we’re probably looking at June 2021.

I was just going to cancel everything and figure out about the tickets, but one of DWs co-workers is in a similar situation and plans on scheduling for December, then rescheduling for next June once that’s possible. She thinks it will be easier with the tickets.

Any thoughts on which way would be better? Any advice would be appreciated.

I’d rather cancel and have the money back in my pocket. Whatever you paid for the tickets will be usable towards next years tickets (you’ll just have to deal with any price changes).

I’m not sure what rescheduling twice gains you? A fair amount more work is all I can imagine…

The only way I can see booking a trip in December with plans to reschedule to next June (?) gets you anything is if Disney themselves cancels your December reservation due to closure and offers something like the free dining deal for scheduling a future date. As of right now, I don’t see any reason to do this. Just cancel and get your money back or wait and see if they release 2021 packages soon and reschedule.

Thanks. I didn’t see the point myself, but I wondered if I was missing something. I’ll probably just cancel and rebook once the 2021 rates are released.