Advice Needed on MK/AK touring days

Planning a trip for the busy holiday time and trying to decide what to do. Planning 1 day at AK and 2 days at MK. Planning on our first day at MK with a CL of 10. The last two days of the vacation are going to be AK and MK. But which do I do first?

Option 1: AK day first at a CL 6. MK day last with a CL 9. This would give us a better chance at a FP for FOP and allow us to end with MK (hopefully seeing the kiss goodnight). But it would be two crowded days of MK.

Option 2: MK day first at a CL 6. AK day last with a CL 8. We might still be able to pull of a FOP FP and this gives us lower crowds at MK.

Any thoughts???

I think you have your chances of fastpasses for FoP the wrongg way round. The crowd levels aren’t going to make any difference to getting them.

Are you staying onsite? If so, you ideally need AK to be Day 3 or later to maximise your chances of getting those FPs.

Which happily coincides with lower crowd levels at MK. Option 2 it is then, imo!

These two days are like day 9 or 10 at WDW at an onsite resort. So I am wondering since its so late in the vacation, does CL mean more than which day is later. We are talking one day difference between the two.
Is it better to finish your time at WDW at the MK or is that silly? Also, are you ok with high crowds at MK because you have two days there?

We love to end at MK! I think that would trump a lower CL for us! That place especially walking down main st one last time with the castle lit up is so magical.

Is MK lower because it is a party night? Would an earlier closing impact your park decision?

Day 9 & 10 changes things. I would definitely finish with MK. We always do!

I think MK is lower on the 2nd option because its January 1st. Everybody crowded MK and stayed up late the night before. :grinning:

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Lol. Is it your only AK day? If so, I would do lower CL there. Either way I don’t think you can go wrong! You’ll be at Disney! :smile:

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I would vote for the lower CL day at MK. It never really dawned on me where I end the vacation.

It is our only AK day. Another reason why I leaned toward a lower CL on AK. MK is higher CLs, but we have 2 days there.

Yeah I would do the lower CL day at AK. I feel like the walkways get really congested. And since it is your only day, I would stick with lower CL there.