Advice needed on extra park day

I select fastpasses Tuesday and I’m not sure what to do. We are staying a POR from the 6th-13th. It will be with my DH, DS10, DS8, DD3. We have parkhopper passes. My park plans are:

Day 1(July 7th) - Epcot all day with a PPO at Akershus
Day 2 - Animal Kingdom all day and take advantage of the early morning hours
Day 3 - Magic Kingdom all morning with a focus on the Adventureland & Frontier section of the park, mid-day break, extra evening hours at Epcot
Day 4 - This is where I am not sure what to do??? We plan to end up at Magic Kingdom for extra evening hours. We could sleep in since we will have had a late night at Epcot, and then try to get fastpasses for all the headliners at AK again or just spend the day at Magic Kingdom. How bad would MK be on a crowd level 8 day?
Day 5 - Resort day
Day 6 - Hollywood Studios
Day 7 - 8:00 PPO at BOG and spend the day at MK until we need to leave for our 8:00PM flight out.

Would that be too much time in the Magic Kingdom? Thanks in advance for your advise. This forum has been extremely helpful for planning!

I would add extra time at either EP or AK. Epcot is just a giant park. We have often spent 4-6 hours in FW and are gassed by the time we make it back to WS. We also need a good 4-5 hours to explore WS so I think it merits a second day.

If you’re family isn’t interested in more EP time I like your idea of sleeping in and booking FPs at AK for mid-day.

ETA: I think with two pretty solid days to tour MK plus the evening EMH you will have plenty of time there.

Plan looks pretty good to me - I think a late start after evening EMH at MK is spot on and is the right thing to do. I don’t think you have too much time at MK.

I love the plan to sleep in, use FPs for AK, then end in MK. There is nothing better than strolling around MK in the evening with no agenda and enjoying the atmosphere.