Advice needed on cancelled flight

Booked a quick (2 almost full days, 1 overnight) solo trip in May. Flight home (booked using points) wasn’t supposed to leave until 10:30pm, which would’ve given me most of my second day in the parks. Got an email from the airline saying that flight is cancelled (I assume not a popular time to fly) and that they rebooked me on a flight leaving 4 hours earlier, which really cuts into my plan (and FPPs lol).
So now, I’d like to stay another day. Do you think I will have a problem asking them to rebook the flight for the next night? I know it’s a stretch, but what about being compensated for the hotel for that night (ASMo @ $79)?
I’m really bummed, as I was trying to keep it as cheap as possible (so DH wouldn’t complain). Also, now I’m inside the 60 day window and had I known in advance, would’ve planned to get a FPP for FoP and now probably won’t be able to.

You can always call the airline and tell them that the new flight doesn’t work. Since it’s well over the 90-minute window (I’ve had no problems changing inside of that) at least most airlines will work with you to change to a more satisfactory flight. BUT I would not even ask about compensating you for the extra night at a hotel. It’s one thing if the cancellation is day-of when there is not another option - and even then fewer and fewer airlines are paying for hotels. But two months out? No way would they cover that.

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Thank you!

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I’m not that familiar with flying, so this might be a common thing. however, what airline were you going with? A change in flight without my approval would infuriate me.

Flight times do change. If the time does not work for you, you can call the airline to see if there is another option. Within certain parameters (I think it is 60 or 90 minutes change) if there is not a flight that will accommodate you, the airline is supposed to refund you for that leg. I do not know if you could cancel the whole thing or just do a one-way on another airline coming back because I’ve never had one not able to accommodate me when the time changed in advance of flight day.

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I know we use Delta and every time the flight has changed in some way they state that if the chance has effect my plans I MAY be able to change or cancel it free of charge.

Do call ASAP to get things resolved. The time they adjusted our arrival flight into MCO, I waited until just prior to the trip and they refused to let me change things without a huge charge. That despite the earlier flight I wanted to switch to having open seats and they ended up paying folks to not get on our flight a few hours later. The response I got was I should have called within a day or 2 of the change and that it was too late now to do things for free - so they paid more for someone else to not fly. Geniuses…

Thanks for all your advice, just got off the phone with JetBlue and I got booked on a new flight that gives me even more park time. Also added 1 more night at ASMo (so sad, lol) for the same PIN rate ($79) so not costing me too much more to stay. And now I get to add in an afternoon at Epcot :slight_smile: