Advice Large Family/FL Residents

Are there any larger families or savvy Liners that have advice for trying to plan a trip for larger family (8 people ages 3-Adult, 1 infant 1-yr old), FL residents that live about 6-7 hours out from WDW. Trying to see how economic I can plan it, could even be more than one trip where we use FL single park 4 day tickets per person over a period of time. We have never been to HS or AK, and would like to visit Epcot and MK as well.
We have stayed offsite before, but I was looking at onsite hotels just to see if it could be an option, but from what I see we would need connecting rooms. I was also considering just going a weekend for a party or something along those lines. Dinning plan would be an option, but not sure if it can be purchased without park hoppers etc.

If you want to stay on property, you might consider a 2 or 3 bedroom villa in one of the DVC properties. You can rent points through a number of reputable companies and it can be quite economical (relatively speaking for Disney of course).

You CAN book villas directly through Disney reservations, but my experience is that it is more expensive to rent a DVC that way.

There are plenty of threads about DVC points and properties.

Good Luck!

Thanks @gamusicman! I will have to do my research on DVC points. I don’t know much about them. Do people using DVC get “Onsite” perks?

Yes. There are a few differences (such as the frequency of mousekeeping) but if you stay in a DVC property you still get use of Disney transportation, EMH, and the same timelines (60 day FPP reservations, etc.) as those staying in a traditional hotel reservation.

Obviously, if you rent points from a third party, then you don’t get the Disney Travel “package”. Its more like a room only reservation.

Some places to start…

Thank you for the information!