Advice: FP+ for AK or MK when park hopping?

On December 14 I plan to spend the day in Animal Kingdom (which is projected to be a 5) from rope drop until 5:00PM or so, then park-hop to Magic Kingdom (projected to be an 8) primarily for the purpose of catching MSEP and Wishes. My question is about FastPass+ reservations. Should I book my FP+ for DAK or MK? We have 3 other full days planned for MK. I’m not doing MVMCP and still want to see MSEP and Wishes at least once, but other rides aren’t important on this night. Last year during the week of Halloween, we did the FP+ for MSEP and just moved back 5 steps against the planters as soon as it was over to watch Wishes and it was pretty much perfect. My questions I guess are two-fold. Should I just try to tour AK smartly and not do any FP+ at all and save them for MK? If so, should I book Wishes and MSEP separately or just stick with last year’s method of booking MSEP and basically staying put for Wishes (I’ve read about the overcrowding in Wishes FP+ areas)? I’m not interested watching from Frontierland or elsewhere really, since this will be my only shot for the year to see Wishes and I think I would miss being able to see the castle projections. With all the hub construction, is last year’s strategy even valid still? Thanks for your feedback!

I only use FPs at AK if it is the only park I will be visiting that day. I always know that if I go at RD I can go on all the rides I need a FP for before the crowds. My only concern is your MK plan. Will you use FPs for the parade and Woshes? I hate to see FP not scheduled!

So you’d recommend skipping AK FP+s? Would you recommend doing a FP+ for MSEP and Wishes or just MSEP? I haven’t been since the new Wishes FP+ area was opened and from what I’ve read it sound like it can be a bit of a mixed bag. With the day being a projected 8, I don’t expect anywhere to be uncrowded, but I’d like to minimize the crowds as much as possible.

Agree, I’d do FPP at MK. Tackle AK with a good TP and you’ll be fine. If you’re planning to be there until 5 pm then you’ll probably be seeing a lot of shows, for which you certainly don’t need FPPs on a 5 day.
Since you want the Main Street views of Wishes and MSEP with a minimum of hassle, and you’re really not into other rides that night, then I agree, go for the FPPs for both of them and pick a 3rd FPP for something easy to enjoy before or after MSEP/Wishes. (JC might be a good pick with the Jingle Cruise theming and all.) Yes, the MSEP FPP location will get crowded after the parade.

I am doing something similar: AK till 5p and then park hopping to MK until it closes. I booked my FPP for AK.