Advice for touring for 10am start day

I've used touring plans twice before and am a true believer. However my other trips the start times were always 7or8 am, so we'd race around till 1 then go back to the room for a mid day rest (3-4 hours) and return around 5pm (after dinner) and stay late.

On this up coming trip one day the park is scheduled to open at 10am. The crowd level is predicted at 3, which is great. So should I stay with the same formula of race around until 1 then go back for a nap and come back in the late afternoon. Or because of the abbreviated day, and low crowd level just push through the day?

I kind of feel like with the late start if I follow my normal routine that instead of missing 3-4 hours for an extended rest I'm also missing and additional 2-3 hours in the morning.

Curious how others have approached this.

We have 3 full days so our first day (the 10am start day) will be at DL and the next day will be a full normal day at CA and finally the last day back at DL for a normal 8-late day.

Appreciate anyones thoughts.

Chris Johnson

What time does it close on the 10a day?


With those hours I would definitely make a TP- they can be so helpful. I would also set out planning to NOT stay until closing but rather call it quits around 7 and go have a nice dinner outside the parks.

What is your party make up? If you have littles, you may need the break no matter what. All adults might get by with no break, some attractions (Aladdin, Mickey &The Magical Map) are long enough to recharge without leaving the parks.

We have a similar touring style as you when the parks are open early and close late. We follow a strict plan in the morning, take a break after lunch for a few hours, then return around 4-5 for the evening which is much more relaxed. With a late start of 10 I would not take a break (unless you have littles that won't sleep in a stroller). Instead I would plan a decent lunch in DL or DTD and then hit the shows or short wait attractions in the middle of the afternoon. But that's just me. With the parks having shorter hours, I would feel like I was missing too much if we left. Plus with the late start, everyone planning to go to DL that day makes RD. 10am start on a low crowd day will be significantly more crowded than a 7am start on a high crowd day (at least that has been my experience the last few trips).

Have you used the Optimizer, Chris? What does it say?