Advice for seeing Frozen Summer Fun events at DHS

Would like to hear about people's experiences with the various shows/attractions at the Frozen Summer Fun event at DHS. Crowd levels, wait times, etc. Thanks!

Link: Frozen Summer Fun at Disney's Hollywood Studios.


I'm really excited to check this out! Thanks for posting! BTW Where is the ice skating located exactly?

Looking forward to hearing about this. We go August 21st!

I'm interested in this too. Is it still possible to tour HS in one day without missing out on anything if you take a midday break? This will be our 1st trip to WDW. Should I consider a 2nd day in HS?

We did the frozen premium package while we were there about a week ago, it will be very difficult if you are doing all of this to fit in all the other shows. We were there at rd, went to meet buzz, rode tssm, walked thru oakens (no line), met mike sully, did welcome parade, lunch, met ralph, watch beauty & beast then took mid day break. Came back and did muppets, characterpalooza, sing a long, star tours then dessert party fireworks. I loved the singalong, thought the welcome parade is a bit short and not necessary if you are doing other frozen activities. We didn't do much in oakens since we live in OH since we have snow/ice skating in winter. They do have neat magic shots in there and outside. The gift shop was fun too, I personally don't think the package was necessary or worth the money. We got great seats for singalong but would have gotten close to the same lining up in standby (stood in line right at return time for the 7 show). Dessert party was tasty and fun (in disney jr due to rain) but I was disappointed in the options for my nut allergy ds. He mainly received enjoy life cookie, prepackaged brownies & some chocolate in a jar with a frozen sticker on it but didn't even like that because it was cherry chocolate. Just felt bad because we were enjoying fun stuff while he got the typical stuff. The fireworks show was nice but we stood by stage so because of this had to see fireworks. Some people were lined up for the fireworks show very early at like 7.


Thanks @bk for sharing your experience. I guess I better plan on adding an extra day in HS. This will be the 1st day of our touring the World for the 1st time and I don't want to rush it or miss out on anything. By the way, I chose not to get the Frozen Premium Package because we have a dd with food allergies too. Your comments help me to think that I hopefully made the right decision.

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