Advice for high crowd prediction day

For one of the days of our trip the crowd levels are predicted to be very high. Would it be a good choice to go to Typhoon Lagoon or Downtown Disney that day, or is that even worse than the parks? Thanks!

I would suggest that you make a Personalized TP for one of the parks for that day and Optimize it. That will give you a good idea of what you can accomplish despite the crowds with a good TP.

Typhoon Lagoon crowds will vary depending on the weather, so it’s tough to say if that would be a good choice. Personally, I do not see the appeal of Downtown Disney - I can shop and go to chain restaurants when I’m at home, so why would I want to waste a day at WDW to go there instead of a park?


With a touring plan you will be fine - we go in summer with mainly CL 9 and have no trouble doing everything we want to.

Have a plan, hit RD and get out after lunch for a break. No problems.

Go to a park. Be there for rope drop. Have an optimized TP. Pick FPP as early as possible, though I advise going to the earliest one on the late end of the hour window. This will allow you to start racking up additional FPP as early as possible.

A general wish list of mine would be:

SDMT FPP 9-10 (arriving at the 10 end)
Peter Pan 10-11
Splash Mountain 11-12

Hit Space Mountain the Buzz Lightyear right at RD depending. Use additional FPP on Splash and Space Mountains, in that order (Splash seems to run out first), along with Winnie the Pooh, Pirates, Jungle Cruise.