Advice for FP+ please!

Hi all. We are heading down for 2 weeks 11/27-12/12. It will be myself, DH, DD17, DS4, DS1 and my parents.

I will be getting DAS due to some medical issues I have.

We will be touring rope drop through lunch time, going back to the Beach Club for a few hours of pool time/naps and heading back out to the parks around 4-5pm’ish.

What is the best strategy for selecting FP+ and using in conjunction with DAS?

Should we tour standby for an hour or so after rope drop, FP+ the tough to get rides and use DAS for rides in the same land? IE - 8am AK open - FP+ Navi 10am - get DAS return time for Avatar on our way over to Kilimanjaro at Rope Drop - return to Avatar before or after riding Navi?
Wash, rinse, repeat using SDFP for afternoons?

With such a long trip, should we just focus on touring one or two areas of each park per visit?

What is DAS? I seem to have missed that.

I always try to hit the most in demand rides for FP+
MK: 7DMT, Peter Pan, Enchanted Tales, Splash Mountain, BTMRR, Space Mountain
EPCOT: Frozen, Spaceship Earth
AK: FOP, Kilamanjaro Safari, EE,
HS: Slinky Dog, RnR,

With 2 weeks, you should have plenty of time to hit all of the parks. Take your time and smell the roses. And get a Cronut in Canada.

DAS is the disability access pass. You go to the attraction and get a return time generally 10 minutes less than the current posted wait - you can return any time after that, there’s no window, but you can only have 1 return time so you can’t get another until you do the first ride.

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I think so. We had 9 park days on our last trip and we were able to see and do pretty much anything we wanted with only 4-6 touring hours per day. Even at that, we were able to do some attractions multiple times. If you will be in the parks for 10 or more days, I think it would be quite easy to make a touring plan that allowed for plenty of out of park time, while maximizing FPP and seeing what you want.

For example, with 3 days at AK, you could get advanced FPP for Navi, and twice for FoP, along with all the EE, KRR, KS, and Dinosaur you want…