Advice for afternoon parade spots


We are hoping to see the afternoon parade during our time here this week and I’m looking for suggestions for where to watch the afternoon parade. Prior to the parade we are planning on being in Frontierland- are there good spots in that area?


Yes! The best spots are in front of Liberty Tree Tavern or in front of the walled walkway near the Steamboat. There is a popcorn cart near Liberty Tree that we aim for. We usually like to beeline to Haunted Mansion if we’re on that side or go through the walkway to Adventureland to Jungle Cruise or Pirates right after the parade (depending on what side we’re on). The line ups are usually much less right after the parade, but fill right up within minutes.

Another spot is the bridge between Crystal Palace and sort of near the Christmas Store. You are further away, but there are less crowds and the view is pretty good. You won’t get the characters waving at you there though.

Any spot away from Main St or in front of the castle will be better than the craziness of those spots.

Have fun!!! :o

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Front or side porch of the Diamond Horseshoe.