Advice for a special anniversary

San Angel Inn in Epcot’s Mexico Pavillion with plenty of Margaritas for the parents is an awesome treat too @JacobStephenson!! The kids will love dining beside the active volcano, the river and the great Quetzalcoatl pyramid!

You could also schedule a photo session with a Disney photographer and give your parents the keepsake book.

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Hi all, thank you all so much for your awesome suggestions once again. Just wondered if anyone had any experience in how quickly the fireworks cruises get booked up? I am not going to be on property so the soonest I can call for the reservation is 180 days out from the booking. What are the chances of getting a booking? I am happy to get up and get on the phone at 7am 180 days out but is the likelihood that all the boats will be taken by this time by those with resort bookings? REEEEEEEEALLY wanna do this for my parents!

I have never done the cruise before, but how I look at it is if it something that I want done or to do and I know their a chance they may book up, if I have the money I just do it and have it done :slight_smile: That is how I did my mom and I’s tour :slight_smile: I booked it as soon as I could :slight_smile: It was an AWESOME experience that I some day want to take my kids to when they get old enough :slight_smile:

I have not done one of the cruises - but for illuminations I was directly above where they had the barges. From what I could see I had a better vantage point for the fireworks and show. I think it could be a nice experience - but not if it is crazy expensive.

when did you book your cruise @mrslisadawn? I am off property this trip so the very earliest I can book is 180 days out, do you think I’m gonna be able to make the booking or is the likelihood people who are on property and can make reservations a few days prior will have snapped all the boats up by the 180 day point, not sure if @len has any insight into this. I mean I will call up at 7am 180 days out…but could I still be disappointed?

I don’t think you will. I think it will be alright. Just have your dates available and if they are booked on that day try a different one.

Thank for the advice, called at 7am and I got the booking!! had to stay on the phone in queue for 45 minutes but nothing new there!!

Really looking forward to taking this fireworks cruise, the cast member that took the booking also asked if the vacation/booking was for a special occasion (as they almost always do) and upon hearing about the Ruby wedding anniversary promised that the boat would be decorated to mark the occasion!! It really felt like some of the more ‘old school’ disney hospitality and customer service…have been smiling all day!


That is great @JacobStephenson! You will have to give us an update with a picture!T

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