Advice for a mother-daughter girls night out?

My mother and I are flying home one day later than the rest of our party, and will therefore have one evening & night to ourselves at Disney. I’m in my 30s, mom’s in her 50s, and we’d love suggestions for some low-key-ish “adult” fun for that time.

I have an early dinner ADR for us at Sanaa, and then I was thinking either we could go to Disney Springs, or do a bar crawl around either the monorail resorts or the boardwalk area. Any other ideas? What would you do, liners?

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I would look for Cirque de Soleil tickets, but that’s the sort of thing both my mother and I like.

Unfortunately, it’s going to be a Monday night, so no Cirque de Soleil performances, @Ariadne (they only perform Tuesday - Saturday). But thanks for the suggestion – we’ve done Cirque in Vegas and loved it!

Where are you staying and what are your transportation options? I am almost always in favor of the monorail pub crawl. I would think it would be easy enough to get a bus from AKL to MK and hop on the monorail there. You could do a little window shopping in the gift shops there as well to space out the drinking!

@dunegirl do you have park tickets for that evening? I’ve not done it but I’m thinking an AK area bar crawl is possible. You could check out the savanna at Kidani after dinner, head over to Jambo and Victoria Falls after that, look at the flamingos and the savanna there, then head to the Animal Kingdom park for nighttime activities there along with the Rainforest bar, Dawa bar and Tiffins lounge.

@melcort10 We’re staying at AKL, and relying on Disney transport – but we’re very comfortable using Uber, so if there’s an option that requires driving, we can always do that. And I was planning on the monorail crawl, but I’ve heard such good things about bluezoo, where I’ve never been. But doing the boardwalk area crawl means missing out on Trader Sam’s. And Disney Springs has so many new options! I’m torn.

@Lens_number_1_Fan No park tickets that day, unfortunately – we’ll have to get our fill of Dawa Bar on our AK day :slight_smile:

@dunegirl I’ve been to most lounges in both areas and I don’t think that you can go wrong with either a Boardwalk or Monorail crawl. If you decided on Monorail then try to include the Territory Lounge at the Wilderness Lodge. Bluezoo is my favorite in the Boardwalk area and people seem to like Jellyrolls too but I’ve not been there. I’d recommend uber for Boardwalk but you could use the Magic Kindgom bus for Monorail.

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My worry with the monorail crawl is that there’ll be too much “downtime” between stops, what with needing to wait for the monorail each time. Does anyone have experience with this? Did it give the evening a stop-start, stop-start sort of feel? On the other hand, doing the monorail crawl seems more “disney-y” than the boardwalk area.

And we’ll definitely add the WL to the monorail crawl if we do it, @Lens_number_1_Fan – the atmosphere of the WL sounds awesome, and we’ve never been. We’d probably uber to the WL lodge to start, then take the boat to MK and hop on the monorail from there.

Given there are 5 stops on the resort monorail line, I think they can run more trains so the wait time isn’t that bad typically. I don’t think the monorail transition would be too big an issue. If you wanted you could walk from the Poly to GF as well. Might make sense to bus to MK, boat to WL, boat from WL to Contemporary and then hop the monorail for the other 2 stops & then you can boat back to MK if you don’t feel like Monorailing that leg (although Monorail is quicker)…

That’s at least a logical travel order - a different “bar order” might make sense though depending…

Ok well I just looked up Bluezoo and it does look really awesome! I have been to the Boardwalk area a few times in the early evening and felt like it doesn’t really get a good vibe going until later, so maybe others can comment on a good time to go. Last plug for the monorail crawl would maybe be to view the Fireworks from the Contemporary? I don’t think the wait times for the monorail are bad at all. I actually feel like they run quite frequently at night to get people out of the parks.