Advice for a first timer coming up to 180 days

Please can you help a first timer with a few questions? -

  1. We will be at 180 days shortly, but we are staying for 14 days in PORFQ. Can we book reservations for table service meals towards the end of our stay or only for the first 10 days? If only the first 10, when can I book the rest?
  2. I would like to book a number of dining packages, but I hear they may not be available to book at 180 days. If this is the case, how do I ensure that the time slot I want to eat at the restaurants involved in the packages will be free by the time I come to book?
  3. How far is the Four Seasons from POFQ for the Goofy breakfast? Would we need a car to get there or could we get there using the Disney transport system? Trying to decide if it’s worthwhile and/or feasible!
    TIA for all advice!

I think it’s 10 days out from your arrival…so you may need to repeat the next few days.

As for #2 with dining packages, you may not be able to book them at the 180 day mark, and more importantly, you probably can’t ensure that the time slot you want will be available in a package at any point. Here’s what I did: every morning at breakfast, I checked online to see if packages were available. For Fantasmic at Hollywood & Vine, I had to wait over a month after my 180 day mark. It’s my understanding that they block out timeslots for the packages, so reserving a non-package timeslot may not help.

Thank you for the reply. It’s so confusing!!

I’d recommend calling Disney to be sure. They are incredibly helpful on their phone lines.

Yes! I think I’ll be having a list of questions to ask! :slight_smile:

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Yep, at 180 days you can book for the first 10 days, then the next day you can book day 11 and so on.

You cannot change a normal ADR into a dining package. So there is no point in booking a “holding” ADR for the time you want. All you can do is keep checking daily for the dining package to open up. Dining packages usually have a 2.5 hour cut-off from the show time, and the vouchers are always for the earliest show. E.g.: if Fantasmic is scheduled for 7pm and 9 pm, the latest reservation time for the dining package will be 4:30.

No idea about the Goofy breakfast. Not sure what time buses start running to DS, but I think the shops open for 10am.

Thank you!