Advice for 7 year old girl

Hi everyone,
Planning on going to WDW in April. I am looking for some unique ideas to make the trip special for a 7 year old girl.
Any advice?


That sounds like so much fun! Character meals were fun for my child even though she was super shy because no speaking was involved! She had no interest in the princesses so we did Tuscker House and both of us loved it. There is Caring for Giants and Up Close with Rhinos at AK.
Some kids like the princess or pirate makeovers. There is a Pirate Fireworks Cruise.
We loved going to the water park our last trip.
Have a great time!

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I second a character meal.

Are you staying at a Disney resort? They have some fun activities for kids.

Are the complimentary “My first trip” /“I’m celebrating” etc. buttons still available? That’s fun for them to get some extra attention from cast members.

Going to Club Cool at Epcot to try the different flavors. (DD20 and DS18 were so disappointed this wasn’t open for our 2019 trip.)

Animation Experience at AK. (She may be a little young for it. If she likes art and is patient, then it could be fun for her.)

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Thanks!! I didn’t know about the buttons. I will have to dig into that. How do you get them?

What is she into day to day?

My niece at that age just wanted to do rides, rides, rides. She was annoyed with her mother for making her do meet & greets :rofl::rofl:

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On my daughter’s first trip at about the same age, my wife found a nice handmade personalized felt crown on Etsy for her to wear at MK along with a pretty dress.

She thought that sort of crown would be more comfortable for her (it was - much easier to keep on than the pink ears we bought on site) - and the nice side effect was all the CMs saying “good morning, Princess!” as she walked by. :slight_smile:

It also made for one of my favorite photos from breakfast at CRT on our first day. I caught her just as she realized she heard the announcement she was going to meet Snow White. :sparkles: :sparkling_heart: :sparkles:


We always got ours near guest relations just as you enter MK. I think you can get at other parks and resort desk.

Thought of some other things we used to do…

the pressed penny machines. You can also get collection booklets for them.

Kidcot world showcase passport in Epcot

My kids are adults now but thinking about this has brought back some good memeories.

These are still my favs :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Highly recommend Garden Grill for a character meal. My nieces & daughters have always loved it there.

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Do you know if those just a WDW thing or does Universal also have pressed penny machines?
(i.e., would one need 4 or 6 pennies for a “complete set”?)

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The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique (BBB) hasn’t resumed the princess makeovers yet BUT there was a recent thread where a Liner had a CM come to their resort room and do a makeover for their daughter…

I think that the CM was doing it as a side gig until they were called back to BBB

Can’t remember who did that… :thinking:

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We were just there this summer with our kids & going back in April too. Our 7yo daughter is still
very into princesses & loves all the characters so we spent some time princess hunting (CRT was not at all worth it, but going to see Anna + Elsa in Epcot was great). Our kids are also into Star Wars so we made a light saber and hung around to see Chewie and Rey (she was dressed like Rey so got some extra attention). We booked a makeover in our room for the next trip with Bounding Beauty. I also got her some Disney themed dresses from Etsy that she was excited to wear. We got two from this shop and they are really wonderful quality and she was excited to wear them on the trip. Ariel Dress Little Mermaid Sundress Disney Princess Dress - Etsy

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It has been some time since we did UR but I kind of remember them being there, just not as often as WDW. Someone that has been in the past few years may be able to chime in hopefully.

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We’ve been having fun Disney bounding. In this photo from a few years ago, my sister’s grandkid is Disney bounding Elsa. That’s an Elsa t-shirt, a white crocheted vest, teal cropped leggings, and sparkly sneakers. It was a lot of fun figuring out what to wear, acquiring it and then going to the park dressed “as if Elsa were going to the MK to ride rides”. And pull swords from stones.


Animal Kingdom has the Wilderness Explorers program which some kids can really get into. Each kid can pick up a passport book for free at any WE station. Throughout the park are cast members who share interesting info about a certain topic (insects, gorillas, birds) and they get a stamp at each location. Some kids get really into it.
My crew of 15/13/9 wasn’t very excited about it bc they just wanted to do the rides but lots of other families love it.


Thought of something else… we gave our kids Disney Dollars to spend on whatever they wanted. I don’t think they still do dollars, but a gift card works.

The whole trip DS had wanted a light up spinner. When it came type for them to buy they items, he didn’t want to spend his money on that. :roll_eyes:

If she likes Star Wars, there is a special gift card you can buy. Needs to be $100 though.


We’ve done this every trip in the sense each kid got x amount of dollars to spend for the whole trip. DD, the spender was more mindful of her purchases. DS rarely spent his whole allowance, just not a spender. But he traded his dollars with DD for home chores, lol.

Hahaaa this is like my kids. DS8 decided it was worth it to pay DS10 a month’s pocket money to clean his football boots :see_no_evil:

Meanwhile, DD6 has just announced she is going to spend all of the money she has saved from pocket money, Christmas and birthdays in the “gift shop” on our trip :grimacing: