Advertising Current Year's Prices, Charging Next Year's Prices

Is it common practice for Disney to display the current price and then charge a higher price when you select the actual dates for your reservation? This seems deceptive to me and I’m annoyed at the response from customer service when I pointed out the discrepancy. I won’t take this any farther if this is what they do for everything, but I’m seriously annoyed right now. Has anyone else experienced this?

Are you purchasing tickets for 2020? They have advertised the change in prices for 2020, so the page is correct for tickets for 2019, just not if you’re purchasing for next year.

Yes, for 2020. Why don’t they just say $79 through 12/31 and $89 as of 1/1? I expect Disney to raise their prices; I just want clarity. When the page says $79, I expect to pay $79 when I click purchase.

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