Adventures in Target gift cards

Paid off my DCL cruise last month with 26 Target Disney gift cards (saved 5% off the price of the cruise). Then just got a notice of a $25 refund, possibly a change in port fees. Just went through balance-checking 17 cards before I found the one to which the refund had been applied.

Moral of the story: keep the gift cards that you use to pay off your cruise or WDW package.


I use target gift cards as well but add them to my Disney vacation account online for added savings. I wonder how that would work? Hopefully they could just drop the credit back there.

Great lesson! Glad you were able to get that money back!

I once had to argue with a manager at a retail store. I had purchased something on a gift card, and I was returning it with the receipt. I wanted a new gift card issed. She said she could only refund onto the original card. Of course once it was all used up-I tossed it! I eventually prevailed.

I wonder if taking pictures of every card number would work? If money goes back onto them, can you have them reissued if you have the number and codes from the back? Never done this, so I have no idea.

I was told that same thing about going back on same card and glad it worked for you. I have a stack of empty cards from paying off our upcoming trip! My daughter saw them and her eyes lit up with a stack of $50s.

I am keeping my stack of cards as well. Another lesson learned- if you pay off your Disney vacation using the gift cards and then cancel, they also refund to the original gift cards approximately one card refund per day. If you paid with 10 cards, it will take 10 days to get the full refund. 15 cards, 15 days for them all to be credited.

Good to know if you plan to turn around and use them on a different reservation, MNSSHP tickets, etc.

There is an app that you can use to track your gift cards. I write #1 on the card and then take a pic. Fill out Info in app it tell you how much you have left. Just have to refresh