Adventures by Disney Alaska any thoughts?

Hi everyone,
We are still trying to do a family trip that was cancelled due to my Dad’s stroke in 2018. His health is still not great but he really wants to do something. He lived in Alaska for 4 years and would love to go back with the grandkids. I don’t feel like doing all the planning because I don’t want that pressure with ths crew! I was ok doing it for WDW b/c I felt like I had some knowledge. There are 5 (maybe 7 grownups) and 3 kids. Adults are 40-80years, kids 8-13years.
Has anyone done Adeventures by Disney? Pros, cons, thoughts? Any help greatly appreciated.

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I have not personally done any ABD trips but if you’re looking for a top-notch experience without any of the hassle and stress of doing any planning whatsoever, that’s definitely the route to go. I hear nothing but absolutely RAVE reviews about all of their trips. You do pay a hefty pricetag, but it sounds like the upgrade in service and experience you get in return for that pricetag is well worth it.

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Thanks! That’s exactly what we are looking for. I just don’t have it in me to plan it all right now. They seem amazing just wasn’t sure if it was too good to be true.

Alaska is a dream trip for me. When I finally get there, I will consider an ABD trip. Haven’t traveled with ABD before, but did a Yellowstone guided tour with Austin Adventures which is a similar type company. Yes, it was pricey but we were able to experience more than we would have on our own. Plus, we didn’t have the worry of planning or headache of getting around by ourselves. With the size of your group, you may be able to do a private tour.

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ABD trips are great, but you do need to read the itineraries to make sure that your dad will be able to keep up. Some of the activities are very physical. If he has specific needs, you might want to call them and ask to see if the itinerary is suitable.

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That’s a great thought! Thank you!

You are absolutely right. I figured they would rest at the hotel but thanks for thinking of that…we could see if there are alternatives. He won’t be able to keep up but he loves watching the grandkids! My mom hates the idea but she has been outvoted and as long as there is enough action she will be fine!

For our trip (another company), they made accommodations. One younger child in the group wasn’t comfortable with the bike ride, so she rode in the van with the other guides - meeting us halfway for a break. One of the dads worked a lot, so the guides would get him to and from activities without disrupting the entire group. I’m sure ABD will be as flexible.

They can accommodate sometimes but not always, that’s why I suggested they call and see how flexible that itinerary is. They have always been helpful when I’ve called.