Advanced dining rsvps

I now FPP gives you an hour window, and then 10 minutes or so after your window, but what about dining? If I have a RSVP for a place at 5:15 but am in line at an attraction can I show up at 5:30? is there a grace period? if so, how long?

I’m not sure of an official grace period. Something in my head seems to say 15 minutes.

But if you show up late they will do their best to seat you. You may have to wait, perhaps even an extended amount of time. Occasionally they will have to turn you away.

Be aware that no shows are charged $10pp. If you show up late but are then seated you should watch to be sure you were not inadvertently charged that fee. If you are turned away you’ll pay the fee regardless

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Lots of people say it’s 15 mins but I’ve never personally seen reports of being turned away later - I have seen reports of being charged the no show fee if you’re later than that though. Keep your receipt to prove you were there and front desk can overturn the charge I believe.

I’ve seen it with the highest demand places, such as BOG, CRT, that kind of thing. But it’s not super common even there for that to happen. Just something to be aware of.

I was actually going to say I can imagine it may happen at CRT or BOG! They were the ones that came to mind as not being as flexible.

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We were 30 min late for our BOG reservation last June and they were happy to seat us. Of course, I wouldn’t recommend this because you never know! This was just our experience.

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The few times that I was unable to be prompt for an ADR, all it took was a call back to Guest Services at my resort who interceded and insured that i was still going to be able to be seated.