Advanced Dining Reservations Unavailable

I am staying at the Disneyland Hotel from November 1-3, 2021. I am trying to make advanced dining reservations online but all restaurants for 11/1 are showing as unavailable. This seems unlikely because those reservations should just have become available one hour ago. Also, despite the fact that we are staying onsite, the website is not allowing me to view dining reservation availability for 11/2 and 11/3. When I tried to speak with someone at the Disneyland Dine phone number, there was no option to speak with a live representative. Any advice?

Hello. Staying onsite at Disneyland does not give any advantage to ADRs like at WDW. They are released on day 60 (well, sometimes…more on that later) and you can only book that day. Only November 1st will be released today. As for that, sometimes they release at 3am here on the west coast, and sometimes they release later in the day. Sometimes they release on some other day, in batches. You have to just keep checking in and seeing what is available. It’s the laid back California way, which can be frustrating for those used to WDW and how it does ADRs. Just keep checking! Also, make sure you click individual times, like 9am. Do not choose breakfast, lunch or dinner, you won’t see anything/minimal things. And you have to click through all the times in a day, not just 1. Good luck!


The problem with the laid back way right now is that when they do come available they are gone super quick because of reduced capacity I’m guessing? I was unable to secure a Carthay Circle reservation for example. In the past this wouldn’t have been an issue because there was always lots of availability in Cali. I will say that because of this I purchased Mouse Dining and still for my Oct 8-12 trip absolutely zero has come up available for Oga’s. Though it looks like they are available I think it’s close to impossible they released them yet and I’m 36 days out for my vacation. Due to this I highly recommend throwing the money into Mouse Dining. I was able to get a Plaza Inn breakfast that way when my phone buzzed me at 515am Central time. (315am on the west coast) when they apparently dropped those reservations. Good luck!

Thanks. I just signed up for Mouse Dining.

Very helpful. Thank you!

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