Advance Reservations with Child Under 3

Hey all you experienced Disney goers! I have a quick question about Advanced Reservations and my kids. I will have a 4 year old and 2 year old when we go (I know - we’re crazy). We are going to try and get a couple of the advanced reservation lunch or dinners for Cinderella, Be Our Guest or Akershus but were wondering if we need to make the reservation for 4 even though one of my kids will be under the age of 3. I’m assuming that yes, we would need to because we would be ordering him a meal, but just wanted to see if anyone could clarify that for me.


Yes, you need to make the reservation for 4. He still needs a seat and counts in the total number of guests.

Yup, they need a body count to make sure they don’t go over actual capacity. Also, be sure you let them know that he’s under 3 when you check-in at buffet or family-style service places… he can still eat, but you won’t have to pay for him.

You’re not crazy - we just took kids the same ages and it was awesome! My DS2 had a blast and was basically free.

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