Advance planning for MVMCP character greets

I have read several, if not all :-), of the blog articles on MVMCP. They state the importance of planning which things you most want to see/do. I saw the years’ past meet/greet and the touring plan set up for characters, is there anywhere you can find for the day, you are going what characters will be where. We are going Sunday Dec 4. Like do they at least give you the day-of a special MVMCP map or something when you get in the kingdom?

They still have not published all the details for the parties. Once they do (definitely by the day of the first party) people will post the info! I am going to MNSSHP in 21 days and all I know right now is about the merchandise they will be selling!

Thanks, have fun, look forward to seeing the posts. Hope to see MNSSHP some day as well!