Adults ordering kid's meals

Hi Everyone. Going home this Friday and we are taking my MIL with us. She is an extremely picky eater. I have been able to figure out dining that will accommodate her all but at HBD. The only thing she would really eat other than the steak is the kids meal hotdog. Any chance they would let her order off of the kid’s menu? If they don’t the DW and I can’t eat here as I can not see spending nearly 40 dollars for a steak for her that she would have them murder by making it a hockey puck (I just can’t watch that LOL). HBD is one of my favorites and the ONLY reservation I could get for this Sat. Any suggestions?

I’ve seen lots of reports where adults ordered the kids meals, however, there is technically an age limit so I suppose it’s up to the actual CM you’re dealing with. Perhaps when you check in you could explain to the host(ess) so that your server is informed.

We’re leaving to head that way on Friday too!

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Ditto what @Outer1 said. You can order kids meals for adults at CS restaurants no problem, but at TS restaurants there may be an issue. As your MIL is very picky I am assuming that there is nothing on the HBD Lounge Menu that would appeal to her.

Otherwise, let her get her hockey puck. She likes it that way. :wink:

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