Adults only 2 day park hopping TP

We’ve been to Disney a few times in the last 3 years with kids. We’re going on a no kids trip (just me and my wife) this week. This is my first time using TP, it’s amazing. Here’s what I’m thinking, please let me know if you have any feedback.

My biggest question is transit time between parks. Any feedback on how long to get from HS to MK? Or, how long it might take to get from Epcot to MK after Illuminations?

Day 1
Hollywood Studios Morning

Magic Kingdom Pre-Party and MVMCP
*I split our party tickets from our park tickets so I could double up on FPP for the day. It let me make a FPP reservation on the party ticket for 12:30, think that will be a problem?

Day 2
Epcot Morning

Animal Kingdom Afternoon

Epcot Evening - planned free time to walk around World Showcase

Magic Kingdom Late
*I recognize that we will most likely have to chose between Splash Mountain and BTMRR as well as 7DMT and Space Mountain

Your last MK plan says you have not shared it. A few suggestions: are you grabbing FPs but not using them? I think your HS plan seems off- I think that last TSMM does not make sense to me.

Are you not planning on seeing Celebrate the Magic during the party? I think if you are planning on doing 7DMT and PP the wait would be significiantly less after 10.

HS to MK- there is a bus- leave the park and on your left (like you are walking towards BW).

EP to MK you will need to battle the monorail crowds.

Thanks. FP at HS, we have Indiana Jones booked but don’t plan on using it. By the time we get to MK that day the window will have passed and we can try to get a FP for something there.
Also, agree on the second TSMM, really I’m hoping we’re there early enough to be close to the front for rope drop and ride that first, then continue on with the plan as it is and not do the last TSMM, but if not, I have it at the end because if we’re off schedule then we can skip it.

We aren’t planning on seeing Celebrate the Magic, I really don’t want to wait until after 10 to ride 7DMT for the first time… I just tried tweaking it and moving it around a little bit. It gets us out of Space Mountain a little after wishes starts. I might just leave it as is and skip a space mountain ride there if we’re short on time.

It’s showing all of the plans as public right now. Thanks for the feedback!

Oh! Attractions are your priority during the party?