Adults night out

On our upcoming Disney trip we are going to be doing a night away from the kiddos. We are staying at the Poly, so the plan is to drop the kids off at the kids club. We have a 5 pm reservation at Victoria and Alberts, and then the plan was to go over to Epcot and wander around F&W. It’s an EMH evening at Epcot so we would have extra time to mosey. I know it will be crowded at Epcot but I’m hoping because it’s a Tuesday night that it may cut down on the number of locals. Recently I’ve starting to think that it may be fun to come back to the Poly early and enjoy a few beverages at the resort. I’m wondering in terms of time, if we will be able to do it all before midnight when we need to pick the kids up? My thought at F&W is that we would have a few drinks and just enjoy the atmosphere more than necessarily stopping and snacking. Without rushing dinner, my guess would be that we could be over at Epcot by 8 or so.

You could hang out at Trader Sam’s! That place looks awesome. You could also do a monorail crawl and add stops at Mizner’s (GF) and The Wave Lounge (Contemporary.)

I think there will be time to do a couple of hours at Epcot or any other park, but you might decide not to bother. The good thing about adult time at WDW is the fact that you can wing it quite easily. Crowds don’t matter quite as much for 2 adults who are wandering leisurely. Maybe decide what you feel like doing after dinner.


I am concerned about your time. I thought someone posted the other day that V &A was almost 5 hours?


The V&A Chef’s table is at least 5 hours (I’m assuming the Queen Victoria Room, with the same number of courses, is close to that). The regular dining room was about 3 hours, so your arrival at EP would be closer to 9:00 than to 8:00. Stopping for a drink at Mizner’s is an ideal follow-on to dinner at V&A. At the Poly, Trader Sam’s is a lot of fun (and as long as you don’t purchase the tacky glasses, the drinks are surprisingly reasonable). You may also want to consider going to the CR and seeing if you can get into the CG lounge for drinks and a view of Wishes.


I almost tagged you directly since I know you are the resident V&A expert. I think what you’re saying makes a lot of sense. Perhaps staying closer to V&A would make for a more relaxing evening.

I’ve never been to Mizner’s but have heard good things. I assume you would recommend it Sally?

It’s not my favorite place, but the Grand Floridian is worth visiting, and it can be an easy and comfortable place to stop for a drink if you’re wanting to stop at all the monorail resorts. Does that make sense?

On second thought, since you’ll already be at the GF them it makes sense to stop at Mizners if you have time to kill before your reservation. If you want to go somewhere fun after, I would move on to Trader Sam’s at the Poly, unless you do decide to go over to Epcot after.

What is this “wandering leisurely” thing you speak of? I am totally unfamiliar with this term …