Adult princess updo and makeup?

Hi All,

Getting ready for an end of November WDW trip with my sis and her hubby. She experienced a miracle on August 4th - she got a liver and a kidney!!! In recovery her first words were “I’m going to Disney World”. She has no recollection, but it didn’t surprise she or I at all.

To celebrate this amazing gift, she wants to be a princess one day on this trip. I know I don’t cannot dress up in full costume but I’m looking for some advice on where we can do princess type updos and make up . (Yes, she is making me do this with her.). We are doing VIP the entire trip, but sadly, they were of little help.

I called the salon appointment line and they could do very little except appointments. Hopefully someone out there has already done this and can give me some pointers .





Bibbidi bobbidi boutique takes kids 3-12 maybe they can help you if you share your sister’s story.

Best of luck

I’ve seen posts here about the salon at GF which not only does kids’ makeovers, but also adults’ I think. Might be worth checking out.

There is the new Salon by the Springs at Wilderness Lodge that took over a previous pool bar building, I believe. I saw some pictures online & it’s a little small inside, but they offer hair styling, pedicures, massages.

I think a Disney salon would be your best bet, but if those don’t pan out, check with a private makeup artists/hair stylist to see if they would come to your hotel room and do it. It would be similar to booking someone for your wedding. Also check on Pinterest to get ideas of how to “dress up” as your favorite princess, without really dressing up.