Adult only trip any suggestions

I’m starting to really plan DH’s and I, adult only trip that is in a few weeks. We leave Feb 13th in the morning and return Feb 17th in the late evening. We have APs and are staying at Hard Rock so we will have the express passes. I’ve made a few reservations for restaurants but I feel kind of at a loss. I know we will have a great time even if we just chilled at the Hotel the whole trip but I am a planner and this trip has me feeling like I’m not ready. Any suggestions on what to do without the kiddos?

Fun! Are you coaster fans? You could wait in the front row line of Hulk? Or maybe a day at Volcano Bay if it is warm enough ? Of course City Walk at night?

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I use to love coasters and then I got older and started to freak out on the big ones…so I stick with the tamer ones like the Mummy. City Walk at night would be fun. We normally just walk through it or stop for dinner and that is it. We have never really explored it. Thanks!


One of my favorite things to do is get a Wizard’s Brew & some Cornish Pasties from the The Hopping Pot in Diagon Alley… and post up to watch The Tale of the Three Brothers on the little stage. Also, I like to just sit in that area of Diagon Alley and sip my beer and take in the ambiance! it’s fun to watch the kids/adults get splashed with water from the statue! haha! We also love the Springfield area. My husband is a big simpson’s fan and he always has to get a Duff beer! Haha… clearly we enjoy drinking :rofl:


Love it! Thank you for the suggestions, they are definitely going on the list.

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If you like sushi, Cowfish is a must. And if you don’t like sushi, Cowfish is still great. My daughter (who is not crazy about raw fish) enjoyed a filet sushi roll while I indulged in my sashimi! We had a great meal and can’t wait to go back!


Yes! I visited Cowfish with my younger sister (24) and her friends last September and all of us loved it. One person had a burger-shushi order, another a burge and we all loved our food. My sister noted that the vegetarian menu options are strong as well (she currently eats fish, but used to be vegetarian).