Adult Only Touring Plan and Accessibility


My husband and I are planning a trip down to Disneyland and DCA September 10-11 and I have a few questions, I haven’t been since I marched there with my high school band in 1979 and my husband since his grad night in 1977 and I think things have changed a bit since then :wink:

We are splurging and going to stay Saturday night at the Grand Californian so I understand we can check in and leave our luggage and use the Magic Hour for Disneyland. I plan on using Decker’s and having them drop off a scooter for me at 6:00 so we can be somewhere by 6:30. I’ve decided on renting and having the scooter full time since I can only walk limited and use 2 crutches, foot drop brace and a Balancewear vest and figure I’d be exhausted by the first ride if I even attempted to walk it

The touring plan I’m working on is for relaxed speed and minimize walking to be kind to my husband. I’ve been trying to review where the accessible entrances are for each ride but will that throw off our touring plan?

Also, where in the heck are the entrances and security? I’ve seen maps with the entrances but since I’ve been hit with an MS-like illness, I’ve become a huge visual planner to kind of help ease any worries.

Thanks for any input. I’m sure to have more questions.


DCA is fully wheelchair accessible, so you would use the regular entrance for all rides, so your TP will not be affected at all. DL is NOT wheelchair accessible, and most entrances are at the exit. You will need to sign up for DAS (Disability Asscess System). It will be tied to your card. They will scan both you and hubby’s. When you want to ride an attraction, you can either go to the CM at the attraction or go to one of the Guest Services kiosks (you will be shown where they are when you sign up) that are throughout the park. You tell the CM which ride you want to go on, they check the current standby wait time, subtract 10 minutes (for the fact you have to spend time to walk and get the return time) and tell you to go to the exit of the attraction at that time. If you’re capable of walking/standing for a short time, you could ditch the scooter for a bit and ride a low wait ride while you’re waiting for your return time. If you don’t plan on doing a low wait attraction while waiting, it shouldn’t affect your TP much.

The security is on either side of the esplanade (area between both parks) coming from DTD and one side and Harbor Blvd on the other (East and West of esplanade). The park entrances are on the south side of DL and north side of DCA bordering the esplanade. There’s also a direct entrance from the Grand Californian right into DCA, but no one recommends that entrance first thing in the morning, but is great for entering and exiting the park later.

Thank you so much! Looking forward to our return journey.

I will make sure we go out and use the traditional entrance to DCA on Sunday.

The next big step is to get our reservations for dinner… Hoping for dinner Sunday at Napa Rose - scheduling 100 minutes and Cafe Orleans on Saturday - scheduling for 60 minutes.

I love the countdown calendar. Will help remind me when to make reservations!