Adult Only Arrival Day - no parks

Give me all the suggestions :slight_smile:

Normally I would monorail crawl to some lounges and finish with a resort view of HEA. I’m considering something similar, finishing at Geyser Point and watching the electric water pageant.

That being said, since so much is different right now, I’m trying not to go my usual route for fear of being disappointed that it isn’t quite as good.

It’s just me and a friend - both of us in the 30 age range. Not wanting to spend loads of money. Staying at DS hotel.

What would you do to kick off a little Disney magic?

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Outer Rim, Tambu, Enchanted Rose, Geyser sounds good to me :woman_shrugging:t2:


Did a monorail crawl in September and it was a lot of fun. You do have to pay attention to park hours, depending on when you are going, because the monorail only goes for an hour after MK closing. But of course you can always walk now, and there was a resort bus after the monorail closed when I was there as well.

Alternate options:
Skyliner Crawl - grab a drink at the Boardwalk or YC/BC, then monorail to Riviera, CBR, and AoA/Pop
Disney Springs Progressive Dinner - pick a different place for an app, dinner, dessert, etc and try a couple of different places.


I think I’m going to end up going with that - I love geyser point. So I think ending there will still be a lovely alternative to HEA from contemporary.

I’m also not sure we’ll leave on our MK day to go eat at GP so this will be a nice way to get it in.

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I hadn’t thought about a skyliner crawl - but that could be fun since I haven’t done the skyliner yet and won’t really have another opportunity to enjoy it.

I like the DS idea too since we’ll be staying in that area. Love my monorail crawl. So will have to pay close attention to updated park hours etc and make decisions as I get closer.


I have never been there and am hoping to visit this trip! Either as a start/end to a skyliner excursion or after DHS or EP day depending on the closing hours. I haven’t checked on it yet - do you know if it’s open?

I believe it is open and several folks here have reported visiting.

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Have been a couple of weeks ago @cjandres

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