Adult Hard Root Beer Float

Can anyone verify if Beaches and Cream is still serving Hard Root Beer Floats. TIA!

I do not know about Beaches and Cream, but EasyWDW just posted a Hollywood Studios update with a Hard Root Beer Float at Hollywood Scoops!

Just curious… What’s a Hard Root Beer Float? That sounds interesting. Is it the same idea as a Hard Lemonade?

There are different recipes but as an example it might include Vanilla rum, Vanilla vodka, Root Beer and Vanilla ice cream.

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Hmm. I know what I’m trying this weekend! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Disney Food Blog posted about the one in Hollywood Studios last week:

They said it was made with Coney Island Hard Root Beer and two scoops of vanilla ice cream. After reading the article I went out and got some of the Coney Island Root Beer to try. I really liked it. I just need to get some ice cream now to go with it now.


Coney Island is my favorite of the hard root beers… their orange cream ale is pretty fantastic as well. That means Hollywood Scoops may need to be added to the plan. We’re going from BC to HS on our last night specifically for the fireworks, so I think ice cream is a great idea!

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Why don’t they just use a hard root beer like Coney Island or Not Your Father’s Root Beer.