Adult Fun Question

My wife and I will have two nights to ourselves during our family week. 15 year has agreed to watch the 5 year old twins. We plan to go to Epcot during an EMH one night to eat, drink and tour around. But we also have another night to ourselves that I am not sure what to do. Does anyone have any recommendations? Star wars or other dessert party or any other ticketed event do you think we would have fun at? We have park hoppers so we can go anywhere. Thanks for any advice.

Maybe go to California Grill to eat a very expensive (but good) meal, and watch the fireworks from there?

La Nouba and dinner somewhere in Disney Springs… Dinner at Victoria and Albert’s (budget permitting, I’d highly recommend)… A fireworks cruise… A night on the Boardwalk: Dinner at Flying Fish, Illuminations, Jellyrolls.

Disney Springs, maybe La Nouba?

We loved Ragland Road in DS…good food, drink, and great entertainment…

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The SW dessert party sounds like a great idea too!

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Dinner at V&A is certainly the ultimate date night experience; ANY of the signatures would be a good option. CG is my favorite when combined with Wishes; I think based on food alone Jiko or Monsieur Paul are better. If you don’t want to make dinner the centerpiece, then I agree that La Nouba and a nice dinner (I recommend RR) at DS would be a great evening. Another option would be dinner at Tiffins and then enjoying the ambiance of AK after dark.


monorail tour with drinks?


Monorail tour or Boardwalk area tour

Star Wars Desert Party or MNSSHP? About the same price? Which is better for 2 adults if any one knows? Thanks!!

That is tough! The party last longer and has a parade, fireworks, candy and attractions- plus meets if you want but SW has alcohol !

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Starting at Trader Sam’s and some Magic Kingdom attractions can be fun. If you do that, consider watching the fireworks somewhere off the beaten path, where you can enjoy the show together without the crowds you’ll see on Main Street. Normally, Wishes is better when you see the show from the front side, but if you’re doing a date night, then you may appreciate the show in a different way if you watch elsewhere. A lot of people enjoy the backside of the castle, but Adventureland is an even quieter place to watch.

There are also a lot of new bars/restaurants in Disney Springs that you might enjoy seeing at your own pace.

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