Adult DCL Cruise

When I was researching DCL I had to go to other resources and a couple of liners here for info so I thought I would share some of our experiences.

Cruise: Four Night Dream
Party: Three adults - me (58), my son (27), and his girlfriend (29)



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The adult areas on the ship and Castaway Cay were always uncrowded. This was surprising and the highlight of the cruise:


We’ve been on 2 DCL in 2007 and 2008… Both on the Magic…Best way to get all those character/princess photos and autographs. I remember being surprised at how many childless people…some not even bid Disney fans…Most said it was because of the service.

Remy was amazing!


We had heard about the service and honestly in many cases that was not our experience- especially when we compared our stateroom attendant and main dining server to what we experienced last year on Anthem.

Like I said that was back in 2007 & 2008. I do prefer the service on Princess and Celebrity.

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All this talk makes me want to book a cruise on the new Sky Princess!

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I think a lot of people will say nothing is better than Disney but my server actually stopped me after our second dinner and told us he knew it had been bad. He then asked for a good review on the survey. Of course on RCL they all asked for good reviews too :grinning:

Yikes…I just remember how much food the DCL server kept trying to push extra food on us thinking all Americans were overeaters. We had to tell him to stop.
In my opinion, the best cruise ship food (for moderate cruise lines, not talking Crystal or the like) is on smaller Princess cruises and that’s in their main dining rooms. Celebrity used to have great dining room meals but it changed after Royal Caribbean bought them out. Now only the over the top specialty restaurants on Celebrity have the good cuts of meat, etc.

Great photos! Nice to uncrowded areas to hide out

Gotta love some shipboard food porn :rofl:

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