Adult beverages to go

I was wondering whether if you ordered a bottle of wine at a TS restaurant at Epcot but didn’t finish it, whether you could get a couple of glasses to go to wander around WS with or even just order an adult drink to go at the end of your regular meal. Anyone do this? Although I enjoy some of beverages at the kiosks and lounges in the countries (La Cava and Tutto Gusto especially), often the TS have better options.

Haven’t done personally but I’m betting you can

You can’t take alcohol out of Epcot, but I see no reason why you couldn’t take it with you out of the restaurant to finish.

Different opinion here … I carried a souvenir mug filled with a non-alcoholic drink away from Fantasmic and got stopped no less than 4 times before I got to the front gate.

I’ve only ordered wine by the glass with meals, so I can’t answer your specific question. “Open containers” are certainly allowed in EP, DHS, and AK (and DS). In the MK alcohol is only served in two TS locations and I’m not sure if you would be allowed to take unfinished drinks out into the park. I’ve never tried to take any through park gates.

We were allow to take out unfinished drinks from Trader Sam’s. Granted, that is just at the Poly. We could meander on the grounds with no issue. Tried to get on the monorail and that was a no go.
So, that’s just resort specific…

Hmmm–that is surprising to me as it seems you can carry drinks into and out of Fantasmic since it’s outside. It makes sense that they don’t let you carry alcohol out the front park gates but I know it is available to buy at kiosks/QS and walk around with at AK, Epcot, and DHS.