Adult beverages in the World

I’m feeling kind of thirsty. Tell me about your favorite alcoholic drinks at Disney so I can imagine I’m there. Do it drink alcohol? That’s okay! Tell everyone your favorite beverage at Disney.

I’ll start. I like the frozen Jack and Coke at HS. It’s cold and refreshing on a hot day, and it’s got Jack Daniels.

I like the Orbiting Oreos at Sci-Fi in HS and the Bailey’s and Kahlua milkshake at Dockside Diner in HS. Basically I like ice cream and booze.


I like the frozen margaritas at Choza de Margarita on a hot summer day.

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First, let’s stop off at Nomad. Depending on the day, time of day, and temperature I either want a Jenn’s Tattoo (fun afternoon drinks), a Hightower Rocks (parched on a hot day), or a Tempting Tigress (evening or winter)

Then, let’s hit up the France Pavilion and get a Gray Goose slushie

After that I would love to stop in to Flying Fish for a Maple Bacon Manhattan

If I’m still standing, I most definitely want a Lapu Lapu at the Tambu Lounge at Poly

Perhaps a quick stop at Mizners (okay, we can call it Enchanted Rose) for a French 75 (meow @BGK )

Is it Sunday? Hook me up with a bloody at Cali Grill brunch and several of those bottomless mimosas

If we have time we should go to Victoria Falls lounge at AKL and get us some fantastic South African wine.

And always always always, one should have a dole whip with rum for a snack.


(OMG it looks like I have a booze problem. It’s no problem. Really it’s not)


I’m not a huge drinker, but I have asked my sister to recreate the La Passion Martini Slushy from the Food & Wine festival…yum…

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The first step is admitting you have a problem.

So I guess that means you’re still at step zero. :wink:

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The orange grand marnier slush in France is my favourite.


I don’t care for jack and coke at all. But the frozen cokes in the World are ah-mazing. One of my favorite snacks on the hottest days


Sadly (err, I guess), all I can contribute is Diet Coke. Other than that and water, I’ve never had anything else at Disney.

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not even a frozen lemonade?

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Nope. But keep in mind that as a diabetic, if I can’t know the carbs, I generally avoid it because otherwise it is hard to dose my insulin correctly. It isn’t like I am avoiding such things otherwise.

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I don’t drink, honestly I don’t…how about we start at CSR. They might have some unique versions of gin and tonic (ok- I hear “things”).

Then maybe I have heard a rumor about BlueZoo (not true that the bartenders have greeted me by name). I love a zooberry (but it is very sweet), a burnt orange is fun (and it has just a little flame), most likely I will settle for a serenity unless they have a limited edition fun offering.


Oh right. I forgot about your diabetes

Water for you sir

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Is that good? I enjoy a Manhattan, but I don’t like weird flavors. Do they use syrup or flavorings or do they just garnish with maple bacon?

You must have to take out a home equity loan to afford all that at Disney prices! :money_mouth_face:


I think it’s maple whiskey? I’d have to look it up. Definitely with a bacon garnish
But doggone it it was a very memorable beverage, which I had over 2 years ago!

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i don’t drink them all in one day
er, visit


I really enjoyed the pomegranate beer there. Much better than the grapefruit beer.