ADRs, which ones are hardest to get?

Here’s my list of ADRs for my May trip and I am wondering which ones are “be on the internet at 6:00 on ADR day or out of luck” please advise :slight_smile:

SciFi dinner
1900 breakfast
BOG dinner
Boma dinner
Trattoria breakfast
Le Cellier dinner
Rainforest (AK) lunch
Whispering Canyon lunch
50’s dinner
Plaza lunch
Ohana dinner
Biergarden lunch
Homecomin lunch
Yak and Yeti dinner
Artist Point dinner

I am thinking the ones I need to worry about are BOG, Ohana, Artist Point, any others real hard to get?

For Trattoria I couldn’t get my exact time and when I needed change days it took me a long time to catch my desired replacement day on reservation finder.

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BOG, Ohana, Sci Fi, Artist Point, and Bon voyage

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Scifi, really? Didn’t know that was so popular, okay, I’ll add it to my travel agent’s list :slight_smile: I will be on a cruise ship on my ADR day without good internet, so my agent is going to get me the hard ones, that’s why I am asking.

I’ve read on many boards, including this one, about people having issues getting an ADR for Sci Fi. Not sure why, but it happens.

That is the only reservation I have never gotten an alert for via reservation finder. I could get it 180 days out for this next trip but when I wanted to change days last trip, I entered my request on reservation finder more than 100 days out and not a single alert. Crazy.

I also had an issue getting what I wanted for Trattoria.

I’d put 50s in there, too. All HS TS restaurants seem to be packed full due to TSL. If you look now for things 3-4 months from now there’s not much available at all…

Sci-Fi was harder for us to get last trip than California Grill, which I think is the hardest ADR to get…

I thought Artists Point was permanently closing this fall to be replaced with the Snow White CM thing…

I think it’s closed somewhere around November 10 and re-opening December 16 (dates are from memory of what I’ve read so may be off slightly).

And is now hard to get, at least at Christmas…

Just confirming that Sci-Fi was basically impossible to get for our early-December trip, although to be fair, we are a group of 7. I couldn’t get anything on 180 or 180+3, although I did eventually manage a less-than-optimal time on 180+4 for half of our party. 50s is a little less tight, but still tight.

For a smaller group you’ll have an easier time, especially on later days, but if you want either of those on early days, for sure make them a priority.

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It is funny but they are keeping the name the same. Email confirmations say it is now one credit. It could be a mistake, but I guess they will have to honor that mistake?


right, I want the Snow White thing :slight_smile: