ADR's tomorrow does plan sound feasible?

Need to make ADR’s tomorrow and freaking over plan. Does this sound do-able?

Vacationing at Disney World and Universal from September 27th - October 5th. Traveling from Maine to catch a New Hampshire flight at time we are currently unsure of (I’m pushing for arrival of 930am so will use this for current purposes. Two adults (27 and 30) staying at Pop Century utilizing only disney transpo and mears shuttle.

Day 1-(Tuesday Sept. 27th) - Arrive 930am. ME 10, Pop 11am. Leave bags @ front desk. Lunch and Disney Springs until room ready if not already then rest until 6pm to leave for Disney Springs and eat T-Rex at 9pm. Back to room for night.

Day 2-(Wed 28th) - leave for Universal 7am for open at 8am. Tour all day w/ HHN that evening.

Day 3-(Thurs 29th) - Early Extra Magic Epcot; lunch - Akershus @ 12pm; dinner - Liberty Inn; see illuminations

Day 4-(Fri 30th) - Definite RD Magic Kingdom; (lunch - Cosmic Rays; dinner - BoG @ 5; MNSSHP (may be switched with Day 8 depending on reservation availability))

Day 5-(Saturday Oct. 1st) - Animal Kingdom; lunch - Restarauntosarus; dinner - TH @5 (**depending on how we feel possibly arrive @ RD but no later than 11am)

Day 6-(Sun 2nd) - 2nd Universal Day. Arrival depends on what is left to do after 1st visit. Most likely not opening, imagine arrival 10-11am.

Day 7-(Mon 3rd) - Late Arrival 11am Hollywood Studios; lunch - SciFi @ 1130; dinner - 50’s @ 530; Fantasmic!

Day 8-(Tues 4th) - Definite Pre-RD breakfast at BoG; (Lunch - Crysal Palace @12pm; Dinner - 1900 Park Fare @ 6pm (may switch with Day 4 based on BoG availability)) Possible visit to Epcot after dinner for EMH

Day 9-(Wed 5th) - Free morning for whatever; depart for airport around 430pm for 750pm flight.

Just a few thoughts.

  1. You might be really tired from travel to do a 9pm trex especially with an early day for Universal the next morning.
  2. Your last MK day is a lot of food. We usually do a pre-RD CP breakfast and don’t eat again until mid to late afternoon. The CP lunch and 1900 dinner might be a bit too much food.
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  1. I HIGHLY recommend dropping T-Rex and going to Raglan Road instead. MUCH better suited for 2 adults than the cacophonous T-Rex experience. Also consider the Boathouse or Jock Linsey’s Hanger.

  2. I don’t know what HNN is.

  3. Liberty Inn is ptobsbly the least impressive QS in WS. Yorkshire Fish and Chips, Tangerine, and Katsura are all better choices. If you want a bit more deluxe, Tutto Gusto or Spice Road Table are both good options.

  4. Personally I find Columbia Harbor house much better than Cosmic Ray’s.

  5. Sounds good.

  6. No comments

  7. Both good choices. Brown Derby has the best food at DHS, but at a price.

  8. As an adult I would probably not one, let alone two, character meals - especially in one day. There are many really good dining options on the monorail loop.


Definite thanks for the insight. HHN stood for Halloween Horror Nights as Universal. Sounds like I should have put a “bit” more in the description for context.

My SO is allergic to fish otherwise would have looked closer at CHH if it were just me going. He’s also a very picky eater too so we’ve had to go around what serves chicken burgers and chicken nuggets a “bit” hence Cosmic Rays and Liberty Inn. I’m not sure if it’d be feasable to eat QS as two different restaurants but I kinda wanted the one in Japan.

I am a character girl so all these were made on purpose so that we had time to see characters and I had a choice of food other than said chicken nuggets without going to multiple stops.

Based on availability we are switching day 4 and 8 but only dinner. He agreed that 2 buffets would be overkill so keeping CP on day 8.

Finally, T-Rex will stay on it’s day and time. Discussed what you both brought up with him and it’ll stay. Actually ended upbeing 9:30pm. I especially will be depending on the nap after checking in but it’s the only restaurant that he looked at at all of Disney and Universal and said THAT ONE.

Figure if I did a red-eye from Ma. to Ireland with a full day of touring that day once and survived to get up and tour the next day I can do it for this trip too. :smiley:

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You might consider getting one of the Landry’s club cards as that would allow you to skip the line and any other people with reservations at T-Rex in case you guys get down there and decide you want to eat earlier because you’re tired.