Ok, I have to book my ADRs in 20 days. I've been on my Disney experience, I've got my credit card loaded. I've lurked around, but what is the liners best advise for the best way to get BOG, Ohana, etc....the ones I really want at 6 am at day 180..... do you put in the date and "dinner" then search all, or specify for BOG first for our most wanted day, then get everything else after....We have used a TA in the past this is my first time doing our own ressies. There is no way to search for BOG for any day of our trip, right, you have to search each day individually? Thanks for the advise! smile Oh, and you can't to BBB on the website, you have to call, right? Does anyone know what time they open?

Work to get the one you REALLY want first, and then plan the others around it. That's what I did with V&A Chef's Table. It's usually better to start at the end of your trip and work back toward the beginning. The more days you can get further out than 180, the better.


I always find more choices when I search by the time I want. It usually shows you what is available for at least an hour before and an hour after if there is nothing at a specific time.


When making reservations on your PC, open up multiple windows and get each window set up for an ADR you would like to make. Then, when the time comes, just go into each window and click search to kick them all off at once.


Start practicing. Log in, pull up 180 days from today, and make fake reservations! You can back out before you actually make them but the BEST way to figure out what works for you is to actually get in there and practice.

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That's a good idea for the multiple windows. Do you have to be logged in multiple times under my Disney experience? Does that mess things up?

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If I recall correctly, you only have to log in once and it transfers to all the other windows. It definitely does not mess anything up.